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Putting the Fun Back in Corporate Party Planning

Corporate doesn’t have to be boring. Planning a corporate party in NYC should be anything but, in fact. New York City is home to some of the biggest corporations in the world, and a fun corporate event comes with perks like better job satisfaction and enhanced morale. Corporate event party planners in NYC spend hours creating just the right atmosphere for fun. 

Get a Theme

Everyone loves a theme because it sets a mood for the party. It might be Roaring 20’s, or how about Geek fan night to celebrate a favorite geeky TV show? Once the party has a theme, everything else will fall in place, like venue, drinks, and even games. 

In some cases, party planners build the theme around the venue. For example, if the theme is Winter Wonderland, they look for a local ice bar. This is where having a corporate party planner is critical. NYC-based companies such as 23 Layers make their living off of finding ways to add some spice to a corporate party. They know all the tricks to build a theme around a fun party venue. 

Make It About the Food

Food is fun for most people, and there is plenty of it in the Big Apple. 

For a holiday event, corporate party planners in NYC might recommend something more formal such as The Liberty Warehouse. For a more casual approach, they might line up food trucks and give the staff coupons to cash in for their favorite street foods. 

Escape to a Bonding Experience

Escape room parties are all the rage right now, according to some corporate party planners in NYC. It is even an option for remote office parties. 

At an escape room party, teams must work together to solve puzzles. That requires not only effective communication but trust in one another. Escape rooms are the way to go for corporations looking to make an office party a bonding experience. After they free themselves as a team, the party can continue at a local pub or venue, so they can discuss what they learned. 

Celebrate the Obscure

Corporations can find a way to celebrate an obscure holiday if the goal is simply fun. For example, maybe have pies delivered on March 14 for National Pie Day. How about having staff come to the office dressed in their favorite vacation clothes on National Virtual Vacation Day on March 30? It is something you could do virtually or in person. 

Some other fun holidays that work well for corporate events include:

  • National Two Different Colored Shoes day on May 3
  • National Frog Jumping Day on May 13
  • National Take Back the Lunch Break Day on June 17
  • National Just Because Day on August 27

Pick any day, and an obscure holiday is probably attached to it. Maybe, let the office vote for their favorite obscure holiday? 

Corporate parties in NYC don’t have to be boring if you factor in some creativity.

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