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Must-have Car Safety Features to Watch Out For

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Since the introduction of the automobile in 1886, manufacturers have constantly been looking to the future of innovations for cars and drivers alike. Today, there’s more technology packed into a vehicle than there is in your smartphone or house. 

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, then you know how dizzying the catalogue of options and add-ons can be. Which ones should you choose, which are the best, and which are the most useful? Check out this list of must-have safety features that you shouldn’t pass up on your next vehicle purchase. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

While this one sounds incredibly fancy, it is simply an alteration of standard cruise control that helps keep you safer on the road. You might already be familiar with tapping the break to disengage this feature, but the adaptive variety relies on radar to do the work for you. 

If the system detects a car in front of you, it automatically slows the car down without you having to interact. Manufacturers have different offerings, too. Some slow down to extent before requiring you to take control, while others will come to a full and complete stop on their own. In terms of safety, this is one feature you don’t want to be without on your morning commute. 


The more cameras you can pack into a vehicle, the better. While cars have featured backup cameras for years, they now come with cameras on the front and sides as well. These provide protection against blind spots while also supporting critical safety features from braking to lane departure warnings. 

Some vehicles, like Mercedes models, now come with 360-degree camera systems for a complete bird’s eye view of your vehicle right inside the cabin. Keep in mind that some manufacturer’s cameras are prone to malfunctions, though, which Lemon Law lawyers are already fighting aggressively in court. Stick with those that have high driver and safety ratings. 

Automatic Emergency Braking

Speaking of front-facing cameras, automatic emergency braking relies on these devices and more to ensure you never rear-end another car. Even better, it’s already saved countless pedestrian lives. When an imminent collision is detected, the system stops the car for you if you don’t react in time, making this an absolute must-have feature. 

Wi-Fi Hotspots

While this feature is marketed for convenience, saving on your cell phone bill and ensuring faster connections, it can also double as a safety feature. Imagine being stranded in the middle of nowhere, unable to make a call or even message someone because you can’t get a signal.

Now, imagine being able to connect to your car’s hotspot. This allows you to troubleshoot problems via the internet, ensure you have service for emergencies, and pass the time while help arrives. Add this feature to a fast-charging USB port and you’ll never have to worry about being stuck without help again. 

Staying Safe

These are just a few of the must-have safety features to look for when buying a new vehicle. There are plenty of other options on the market, but the above are ones you’ll find in a wide variety of makes and models. When possible, pick up as many safety options as possible. 

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