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Making Florida Your Home Today

Florida has recently become a hot-spot for movers and first-time residents. Surpassing New York as one of the hottest destinations in the United States, it is no wonder why the Sunshine State is seeing so much success. In the past decade, Florida’s population has increased by over 3 million people, causing metros big and small to climb in value. These changes in combination with other improvements to Floridian life are creating the perfect storm for people looking to settle down. 

The recent Florida boom has been fueled by changes in work, housing, and quality of life. First, the flexibility of remote work has increased overall, with over 16% of all Floridians working remotely in 2022. Quality of life is also high in the Sunshine State, with temperate climate nearly every month and favorable laws on income tax and living costs. The housing market is booming, increasing demand for new construction and lower home prices every day.

These facts leave many people wondering what’s not to love? Once one decides that moving to Florida is the destination for them, there are many groups and services that can help guide the home-buying process. What was once stressful and tedious can now be streamlined thanks to these groups, changing the way that hopeful homeowners find and settle on their forever home.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?

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