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How to Design a Custom Printed T-shirt That Stands Out

How to Design a Custom Printed T-shirt That Stands Out

Designing a custom printed t-shirt that stands out has never been easier. From picking your design to getting it printed, plenty of online tools help you along the way. With designs ranging from simple text to complex graphics and unique motifs, creating your personalized shirt is as easy as typing in a few words on an app or uploading an image through social media. Here are a few things to remember if you want your custom shirt to stand out from the crowd.

Choose the Right Font

A custom t-shirt is not just a sheet of cotton adorned with a design. A custom t-shirt is a unique blend of many components, including the typeface you choose for your design. The ideal font size and weight depend on how large your design is, but you should keep in mind that it will be printed at high resolution and will therefore be quite small on your shirt. For example, the best font to use on a design 4 inches wide (10cm) is 2.3 inches wide (6cm). Using larger fonts makes your words harder to read and disrupts the flow of your design. By keeping to this rule, you will surely get an attractive font for your custom t-shirt.

Screen Printing

This is a fast, cheap, and effective way to print your design on a t-shirt. It is also the most basic method of printing with ink. All you need is a good quality shirt, pre-washed, preferably 100% cotton. The advantage of pre-washing is that it makes the shirt shrink less than if it were not washed before delivery. T-shirts using screen printing can be customized to your liking so you can get the shirt that will help you stand out.

Digital Print

This is another type of high-quality print and is suited for designs that are large in size or intricate in detail due to high-quality photo prints that take less time as well as cost less than traditional print methods. They can also be printed on virtually any item of clothing or merchandise. Using digital printing allows for a fast turnaround, which can be advantageous if you want to get your design out quickly.


If you want to save money and have some artistic talent, then printing your design can be a good option. All you need is a printer, some fabric paints in the color of your choice, and a squeegee. Check the ink density on the fabric paints before printing since they usually come with directions. You can even use a stencil to get a more intricate design. Once you have your painting and drying done, you need to iron it on, and voila! A customized t-shirt that stands out. But remember that this may not be the best option for designs with intricate details, as it is difficult to print curves on your own.

A shirt tells more about yourself than just how good you look. Be sure to pick one that will make an impression wherever you go. Therefore, choosing from a wide array of designs will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

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