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How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

Are you considering penis enlargement surgery?

This is a reasonable consideration if you’re struggling with small penis size and want to improve it. Surgery can help you achieve a better and more satisfying sex life. Not only that, but a larger penis can also boost your confidence and lead to better sex!

However, the cost of such a surgery can be very high and far outside your budget. Is it even worth considering such a cost?

This article will explore everything you need to know about the penis enlargement surgery cost. That way, you can make an informed decision. Read on to discover all that and more.

The Basics of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is a procedure that aims to increase the length and girth of the penis. The most common technique used for this purpose is called penile lengthening surgery.

This involves cutting the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. This will make the penis appear longer when flaccid.

Another common technique is called penis head enlargement surgery. This is a procedure that is designed to increase the size of the head of the penis.

This can be done through the use of implants or fat grafting. The surgery is typically done for aesthetic reasons, but it may also be done to improve the function of the penis. Ask your doctor to get more info if you are considering this type of surgery. 

The Side Effects That You Need to Look Out For

Penis enlargement surgery may seem like the easy answer to a smaller penis, but it’s essential to consider the risks and side effects before making any decisions. Surgery can cost thousands of dollars, and there’s no guarantee of success.

In fact, there’s a chance that it could make your penis smaller or damage the erectile tissue. There are also several side effects that you need to look out for, including loss of sensation, impotence, and scarring. Talk to your doctor about the potential risks and side effects before deciding if penis enlargement surgery is right for you.

The Benefits of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery offers many benefits for those who elect to have the procedure. The most obvious benefit is an increase in penis size. This can be significant, or it can be more modest, depending on the expectations and goals of the patient.

An increase in penis size can provide more confidence and lead to more pleasurable sexual encounters and overall satisfaction with one’s body. Other potential benefits of penis enlargement surgery include correction of curvature of the penis, improvement in erectile function, and increased sensation.

In some cases, men may also suffer from micropenis. This is a congenital disability that can be corrected through surgery.

The Recovery Period After the Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is an outpatient procedure, so you will not have to stay in the hospital overnight. The surgery usually takes about two hours, and you can go home the same day.

Recovery from penis enlargement surgery usually takes about two weeks. During this time, you will need to avoid sexual activity, and you may experience some pain and swelling.

How Much A Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost

One of the most expensive surgeries a man may have is a penis enlargement surgery. Depending on your procedure and where you have it, the cost of a penis enlargement surgery varies.

For instance, visiting a doctor in the US will cost between $6,000 and $10,000. Although it will be less expensive if you visit a doctor in Thailand or India for your surgery, these countries don’t have the same regulations and standards as the US. Urologists typically operate it, but plastic surgeons can also perform it. 

The Factors That Affect the Cost of The Surgery

Several factors can affect the cost of penis enlargement surgery. Here are the factors that can affect the costs of your surgery:

Size and Shape of the Penis

The most crucial factor that affects the cost of the surgery is the size and shape of the penis. The larger the penis, the more expensive the surgery will be.

Types of Surgery

There are different types of penis enlargement surgery, and each type affects the cost differently. The most common type of surgery is the insertion of silicone implants, which can be expensive.

Another type of surgery is fat grafting, which can also be expensive. The least expensive type of surgery is dermal fillers, which are less invasive and have fewer risks. 

Experience of the Surgeon

Surgeons who have performed these procedures will typically charge more for their services. The reason is simple: they have more experience than a surgeon just starting and are, therefore, more likely to produce better results.

Location of the Surgery

Procedures performed in major metropolitan areas will often be more expensive than those performed in more rural areas. This is due to the higher overhead costs of running a surgical practice in a major city.

Types of Anesthesia Used

General anesthesia is the most expensive option and is usually only used for large or complex procedures. Local anesthesia is much cheaper and can be used for most penis enlargement surgeries.

Ways to Save on the Cost of the Treatment

There are several ways to save on the cost of penis enlargement surgery. One way is to research the different options available and compare pricing.

Another way is to ask your doctor about any discounts that may be available. Additionally, many insurance plans cover the cost of penis enlargement surgery, so check with your insurer to see if they offer any coverage.

Finally, be sure to shop around for the best deal on penis enlargement surgery. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your doctor for a lower price.

Ready to Go Through This Surgery?

Surgery on your penis can help you in some ways and hurt you in others. Although this surgery may be hyped because of how you’ll look afterward, it’s best to prioritize your health. 

A penis enlargement surgery costs a lot and mainly depends on the surgeon, the facility, and the country. The average penis enlargement surgery cost in the United States is around $6000 but can range up to $10,000. You definitely need to save up a little bit!

If you are considering penis enlargement surgery, consult a qualified surgeon to get an accurate estimate to be prepared. 

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