Rogue Magazine Lifestyle Holidays In 2020: How To Maintain Traditions While Being Modern

Holidays In 2020: How To Maintain Traditions While Being Modern

There are many gifts that are perfect for the Hanukkah season. With Hanukkah falling on the tenth of December this year, it’s until December eighteenth. This festival of lights makes a great eight-day celebration and there are many gifts that people want to give to one another. Of course, there are traditional gifts like chocolate coins wrapped in gold foils or gelt. The Theritzyrose store on Etsy offers complimentary wine labels that are customizable. This Jewish wine bottle store allows people to pick their wine and then add the sticker at the end. Now that Amazon is an extremely easy way to get gifts for people, getting a Hanukkah pajama set is great for kids. This makes for wonderful pictures during the lighting ceremony. Benjamin Harow highly suggests shopping from Jewish entrepreneurs who have shops online. 

A wearable blanket is a great way to stay warm during the winter months. It is lined with sherpa and comes in all sizes. Remember Hanukkah is not about gifts. It is about commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt. This was against the Seleucid Empire. There is an immense amount of history that is represented by this holiday. The eight days is a symbol of triumph and well wishes. So many people misinterpret the holiday as a gift giving one. Although gifts are distributed as a form of the celebration, it’s critical to remember that it doesn’t go unnoticed when additional traditions are practiced. On each of Hanukkah;s nights, a candle is added to the menorah after sundown. The ninth candle, ore shamash, is used to light the others durtin the right days. This is when those who celebrate recite their blessings. This  tradition is passed down by generations and is a wonderful thing to do as a family. The lighting of the menorah is truly special and allows all people to commemorate the miracle that occurred so many years ago. 

One of the gifts that usually goes unnoticed is the gift of giving to organizations. There are a substantial amount of Jewish organizations or foundations that are accepting donations. These charities are great to support, especially during COVID-19. The list goes as follow: Aleph Institute, Am Yisrael Foundation, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, American Jewish World Service, Americans for Peace Now, Association for Jewish Theatre, Association of Reform Zionists of America, The Awareness Center, Aytzim, Bet Tzedek Legal Services- The House of Justice, Blessing Bethlehem, Cantors Assembly, Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, Community Alliance for Jewish- affiliated Cemeteries, Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Jewish Architectural Heritage Foundation, Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services, Jewish Relief Agency, Jewish Virtual Libraries, and many more! There are all amazing charities to donate to this Hanukkah rather than giving gifts. Benjamin Harow recommends donating a few weeks prior. 

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