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A Guide to In-Car Entertainment

If you are the proud owner of the car of your dreams, you will no doubt be thinking about in-car entertainment and you’ll be pleased to learn that there are in-car entertainment systems to suit every budget. Today’s generation of media players can do many things; you can play DVDs, listen to AM/FM radio, use a USB memory stick and even access your smartphone and Google maps.

Online Solutions

If you visit the website of Bankstown Sound, they have a wide range of audio-video components, Apple carplay and you can make your own combination of player, power amp and speakers. You only pay trade prices when you buy from a leading online supplier and always read the product reviews before you buy any component.

The Media Player

The heart of the entertainment system is the media player, and you can choose to have video or simply sound and a media player offers many platforms, such as:

  • DVD/CD – Most players accept CDs and DVDs, while some focus on playing music via the USB port, and with Bluetooth, you can play your smartphone playlist on the car audio.
  • Internet Connectivity – If you have DVD screens, then you can watch streaming online video, or even Facebook Live with a friend, plus you can use Google maps.
  • AM/FM Radio – Of course, the player receives radio, so you can listen to the local DJ updating traffic conditions, as you head to work in the mornings.

Power Amp

Of course, you can do without a power amp, as the media player has a built-in amplifier, but if you want deep bass, you are advised to go for a 4-channel power amp that can be bolted under the passenger seat. If you like loud music while on the highway, a power amp will give you the extra oomph to make your lungs vibrate. If you love fast cars, why not rent a sports car for the weekend?

Co-Axial Speakers

These offer the best value for money and JBL are one of the top manufacturers of hi-end coaxial speakers. Four 6-inch coaxial speakers will give you surround sound, with two on the rear shelf and two in the front doors, which is something you could handle if you buy the speakers online.

DVD Entertainment

You could put small DVD screens in the back of the front seats to allow back seat passengers to watch a film. If you have kids, then the DVD player is the obvious choice, plus you can watch music videos too. You can buy a centre console with a folding DVD screen for rear passenger viewing, but if you would rather stick with hi-end audio, you can forget the DVD player.

The Best Deals

As you would expect, there are many companies that supply in-cat entertainment systems and components and by search with Google, you can find the best possible price for the unit you have in mind. Most online suppliers will see at trade prices, which will save you 15-20% off the recommended retail price.

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