Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 3 Uses For Gabion Pillows In Your Hardscaping Project

3 Uses For Gabion Pillows In Your Hardscaping Project

3 Uses For Gabion Pillows In Your Hardscaping Project

Gabion pillows are a new trend emerging in landscaping. Gabion pillows, which are smaller versions of gabion baskets, are rectangular cages of woven wire filled with gabion stones. These hardscaping features are long-lasting because they are built with very durable material. Their small size makes them great for DIY home projects. Their smaller size allows them to be constructed and filled off-site and then transported to your yard using a pick-up truck and wheelbarrow. You can also play with the size and color of the stones used to fill the cages. An example of typical gabion pillow measurements is 3′ x 1′ x 6″ deep or 3′ x 1.5′ x 6″ deep, weighing 150-250lbs when filled. The pillows are very versatile, below are three ways you can incorporate them into your hardscaping project.

1- Koi Ponds

Gabion pillows can be used to make at-home ponds. Have you always wanted a koi pond in your backyard? Gabion pillows can help you achieve this dream. They can be used to line the exterior of the pond and create an attractive perimeter. The cages can be made in materials that stand up to use in water, which will make this feature in your garden beautiful and long-lasting.

2- Garden Walls

Another way to incorporate gabion pillows is as garden walls. Gabion pillows are excellent materials to use to build out walls in your hardscaping project. The variability in their size truly allows you to create a custom space. The pillows can be used as a true retaining wall or as a divider to help you break up the space in your yard. Retaining walls are great if your yard is built on a hillside, you can cut into the hillside and use a gabion pillow to hold back the soil and create a refined border to your space. The pillows can also be used as a divider in your yard to help you define the flow of your garden. The variability in size would allow you to customize how tall the divider would be, which gives you a lot of options. You can top these walls with stone or wood to create a space to set things on like potted plants or garden art.

3- Wishing Well

Gabion pillows can also be used to create a whimsical wishing well in your yard. You can use the pillows to form the base of the well. The stones that fill the pillows will give you the feeling of a true stone-crafted wishing well. There is no need to dig out the well or add water, simply having the well structure will add a bit of magic to your outdoor space. To elevate your wishing well, build a roof over it and add a bucket.

The versatility of these products allows for gabion pillows to be used in numerous ways in your hardscaping project. Gabion pillows will allow your hardscaping project to stand up against natural elements and provide a solid return on your financial investment in hardscaping projects. Gabion pillows indeed offer a wide range of applications in hardscaping, from retaining walls and garden borders to decorative features and erosion control.

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