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3 Tips for Healing From a Broken Bone

3 Tips for Healing From a Broken Bone

Having a broken bone can be such a painful and frustrating experience. It’s not just the physical pain of the break and injury, but it’s also the loss of independence that can come with it, especially if you break an arm or leg. Unfortunately breaking a bone does require quite a long time to heal and depending on the severity of the break, it may even require surgery. If this is your first broken bone or your 5th, there are some things you can do that can help ensure you have a full recovery. Keep reading to learn more about my top 3 tips for healing from a broken bone.

1. Listen to the Professionals
Pain isn’t always a good judge, especially in the case of a broken bone that takes months to properly heal. If your doctor says that you need to wait two months before walking on your leg, then please try to wait. Rushing the healing process can result in damage that doesn’t heal, and can mean that you have to spend longer in a cast or live with an injury that always kind of hurts. The same goes with the therapy they prescribe, if they say you need 12 sessions, don’t try to skip some because you’re feeling good. Physical therapy is such an important part of the healing process and something you’ll probably have to do for a few months.

2. Get a Follow Up X-Ray
Before you take your cast off, explore the option of having a follow up X-Ray so you can really see how the healing is done. I would especially advise this if your doctor is suggesting that you take the cast off earlier than recommended. If you broke your tibia, for example, and the stranded cast time is 8 weeks but your doctor thinks you might be ready at 8 weeks, then you should get another set of X-Rays at 6 weeks to check. Taking the cast off too soon can do substantial damage to your healing, and set you back weeks or months!

3. Focus on Your Diet
Yes, your diet can make a substantial difference to how you heal. It’s time to focus on healing foods that help your body regain strength. Things such as liver, bone broth, chicken soup, all those good things can help your body have the vitamins and minerals you need to heal your bones. If you’re experiencing an increase in broken bones and fractures, you might want to get some of your vitamin levels tested. Both calcium and vitamin d are really important for bone health. As we come into winter you might want to consider a supplement for vitamin d. Many people are moving away from dairy consumption and using alternative milks instead which can mean that they’re a lot lower in calcium levels than before. You might want to look at testing your levels and supplementing as necessary but always talk with your doctor first.

Healing a broken bone unfortunately takes a lot longer than any of us would like. Ensuring you do your best to make your bone heal properly is an important part of the recovery and I hope these tips help you navigate this challenging time.

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