Rogue Magazine Features Peatos Review: The Taste is Spot on!

Peatos Review: The Taste is Spot on!

I’ve loved Funyuns since I was a kid. The crisp texture, the round/oval shape, the nice tangy flavor. I could just eat them all day. And I was a picky kid.

I just had an experience that has taken me back to childhood; because Peatos have nailed the flavor of a Funyon, with the health benefits of a pea protein, low carb snack with 70 calories per bag.

These snacks are non gmo, gluten free, sugar free, no additives, etc.

Everything as an adult that sounds so boring but is basically a necessity if you don’t want to have indigestion all night.

I’ve had other pea protein snacks in the past. It’s hard to mask the flavor; and I’ll be honest not all the flavors of Peatos are as spot on as the Onion flavor.

They have a ranch, spicy onion, spicy cheese and regular cheese flavor that I tried along with my wife. We both agreed that the onion (think Funyun, since they even have the shape) is indistinguishable from the original thing.

You can get yourself a bag here for 17.99, and since it’s not an affiliate link and this isn’t a sponsored review, you can feel good about protecting the environment and your ethics.

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