Rogue Magazine Features How Often Should A Business Consider Re-keying Their Locks?

How Often Should A Business Consider Re-keying Their Locks?

Running a business is quite a daunting task, it involves a lot of responsibility among which one of the biggest responsibilities is making sure that your office is safe and secure. Speaking of security, there are several different doors and cabinets in your office and to protect them all, you put locks on them. Now if the keys to these locks are accessed by several different employees on a daily basis, don’t you ever feel worried?

Yes, worried! Because nowadays, it’s quite easy to get a duplicate key made from a locksmith if someone knows the pattern of your lock. This can be a little worrisome but then there are two solutions to this problem. First is that you can get all your locks changed again and again which doesn’t sound reasonable as it can get very expensive for you. The second solution however makes sense and that is the “rekeying” of your locks.

When Should A Business Consider Rekeying The Locks?

Our suggestion here is that if you don’t have any immediate risks or red flags around then you can get your locks rekeyed anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. This too can be decided by keeping in view some basic factors like the turnover of your company and the importance of the thing that you are trying to protect. For example, if there’s a cabinet with documents that are extremely confidential and important for you then you should consider rekeying its locks after every 6 months at least. For security, you will always have to make some necessary investments.

When To Rekey Your Locks Immediately?

There are situations in which hiring someone for lock rekeying rochester can become extremely important and immediate for you;

1-If you’ve had any break ins

When a burglar tries to break in, he tampers with the locks first and whether or not he succeeds, the whole tampering can damage the inside of the locks and it will then become easier for other burglars to break in too. You can’t afford such risks, if yes then without giving it a second thought you should immediately get all the locks rekeyed.

2-Someone who touched the key isn’t trustworthy

If you think there’s someone in your office who can become a security risk or if someone who you didn’t trust much is about to leave your office but has touched your keys then you should immediately get that particular door or cabinet’s lock rekeyed. Even if it doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, you should still consider the rekeying option because you never know, even your most trustworthy employee can sometimes cause trouble when you are least expecting it.

3-New property

If you’ve just moved into a new office, of course the doors and the cabinets will have locks on them. Now as much as people love the idea that they don’t have to spend money on the locks again, it’s dangerous and you should at least get them rekeyed for safety purposes. Even if you purchased the office from someone very trustworthy, you should still consider rekeying the locks because you can never tell if a third party has the keys to all the locks in your office.

4-Lost or stolen keys

When a key is lost or stolen, it becomes extremely important for you to either get the lock replaced or rekeyed. Especially if you think that you lost the key, at the back of your mind you should also think about someone having that key and hiding it from you. This can be a little dangerous which is why for your safety and for the safety of whatever you are trying to protect, you should call a professional to rekey your locks.

Now that you know everything about rekeying your locks, it’s time for you to look for the signs that we have mentioned above. If something similar just happened with you then don’t wait and look for someone to rekey your locks right away.

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