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Lana Condor

Lana Condor

Dress  Bravenouvelle /  Hat  Manokhi /  Earrings  Royal Accoutrements

Dress Bravenouvelle / Hat Manokhi / Earrings Royal Accoutrements

You hear the stories--a talented young girl moves to Los Angeles and lands a role in a major motion picture almost immediately. They seem like urban legends, but for 19 year-old Lana Condor, this is her reality. After moving to Los Angeles during her sophomore year of high school, the Vietnamese-American actress scored a coveted spot in the Los Angeles ballet where she made quite a name for herself in the dance community, but by her senior year of high school she was ready for something more. She decided to start auditioning for acting roles, the third of which was for a film called X-Men: Apocalypse, maybe you’ve heard of it? She booked the role of pyrotechnic superhero Jubilee, in what’s sure to be one of the biggest releases this Summer. She joins a star studded cast with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, and Michael Fassbender.

If you’ve seen any of the other X-Men movies you may know that the character Jubilee has made some short cameos in the original X-Men, X-Men United, and X-Men the Last Stand but Apocalypse will be the first time we actually get a real glimpse into her life and what makes her tick. Condor explained that Jubilee’s powers in the movie are more along the lines of “throwing fire plasma” which is a little different than the Jubilee seen in the comic books where she throws fireworks. It’s pretty remarkable to think that her first role ever is such a prominent one and when I spoke to Condor, she couldn’t have been more humble about it. “It was pretty unbelievable, I had never been on any set in general let alone a larger than life set such as X-Men, I really was just blown away by it all.”  Yet unlike her on-screen character, Condor is seemingly just a normal 19 year-old girl (albeit, with a hell of a lot of talent). She explained that on her downtime she enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix just like the rest of us and has recently gotten addicted to hot yoga “I love a good sweat, I love when you can feel your pores getting clean.”

Dress  Manokhi /  Hat  Bruno Carlo /  Skirt  La Maison de Fashion /  Necklace  Ami Clubwear /  Earrings & Bracelet  Royal Accouterments /  Shoes  JF London

Dress Manokhi / Hat Bruno Carlo / Skirt La Maison de Fashion / Necklace Ami Clubwear / Earrings & Bracelet Royal Accouterments / Shoes JF London

Once she wrapped X-Men, Condor returned to Los Angeles to continue auditioning and she found herself in the same position as many other actors trying to land their next project. “You know, nothing is ever certain [in this industry] and once we wrapped I was back to everyday life.”

Luckily she already scored her next role in the upcoming film Patriot’s Day directed by Peter Berg starring Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Bacon which tells the story of how the police and the FBI worked together to figure out who was behind the Boston Marathon bombings. Lana will play the love interest of a police officer who got shot by the two brothers responsible for the tragic incident. “I’m so excited to be a part of the project because it’s a movie about real people and we [the cast] have all just tried to make it as truthful as possible.”

Jumpsuit  Gregorio Sanchez /  Facinator  Manokhi /  Earrings  Royal Accouterments /   Shoes  JF London

Jumpsuit Gregorio Sanchez / Facinator Manokhi / Earrings Royal Accouterments /  Shoes JF London

With two major motion films under her belt before her 19th birthday, it's fairly certain that Lana Condor is going to be one to watch for years to come.

Bustier  Manokhi /  Shorts  Mario de La Torre /  Glasses  Prada  Earrings  Royal Accoutrements   / Gloves  Bruno Carlo

Bustier Manokhi / Shorts Mario de La Torre / Glasses Prada
Earrings Royal Accoutrements  / Gloves Bruno Carlo

Story by Laura Barrett
Photography by Kelsey Fugere

Styling by Ferriss Mason
Hair by J. Michael using
Oribe with DLMLA
Makeup by Anton Khachaturian u
sing MAC Cosmetics
Retouching by Walter Aragon



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