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Fashion Tap

Fashion Tap

Meet blogger Amy Roiland AKA @afashionnerd, the creator of Fashion Tap, the revolutionary app about to the change the blogging world.  

What drew you into the  world of fashion/style blogging?

My entire life I've been obsessed with fashion and style. I started following fashion bloggers and realized I could become one as well. I got a Nikon 5100, a clicker and tripod and started taking my own photos. I've been blogging over two years now and have nearly 800 posts.I guess you can say I became addicted to blogging.

Tell us about Fashion Tap and why you decided to make the app.

FashionTap is a fashion social networking app that  allows users to make money off the clothing and products they already know and love. FashionTap is also a database for the entire fashion industry to be found on, by location and category. The reason I created FashionTap started when I was working for a denim company and my boss told me to find bloggers in Austin TX to send them denim to wear at SXSW. I couldn't find a single blogger there. I was Googling, Instagramming and asking everyone. I couldn't believe there wasn't one single place for the fashion world, not one online community that everyone can be found on. I was also tired of asking other bloggers on IG about who makes their outfits, most of them don't respond or leave me searching the entire web for that item.

With FashionTap anyone can tag their exact item to their image and when people click to buy, the blogger makes a commission on each sale, we take no cuts from our users. In fact I love the industry so much and what I have created, I give our back end cut off of the affiliate to my users, so now they’re making more than double what they would anywhere else. I built this app with everyone’s perspective in mind and how they would all benefit from this app, from the normal everyday fashion lover, to the high end brand, designer, or retailer.

How do you think FT will change the blogging game?

FashionTap makes it WAY easier to monetize your content than anywhere else. FashionTap also makes it easy to find bloggers by location ranked by popularity and attributions. I built in an advanced search into FashionTap so people can finally find people exactly like them to follow and easily shop off of or just get fashion inspiration tips. Now people can have a centralized location for all of their tags and all of their tags are affiliate links that people can shop from. Using our platform makes it 100% easier for blogger fans to buy what they're wearing. You can just click the tag and buy the exact item that blogger is wearing.

How do you stand apart?

I think I am not like any other bloggers out there, I have a super weird sense of style and add in a lot of weird accessories to my looks. It may be difficult for conservative people to relate to my style, but they follow me because they find it fun and funny. I also stand apart because I talk to every single person that writes me and I aim to help everyone. I think it’s important to help everyone and make everyone feel important and loved. I love helping aspiring bloggers, it's very satisfying to me. Everyone can do whatever they want if they put their minds to it.

Who/what inspires your style? 

Wes Anderson movies 100%! I always feel like I am a walking Wes Anderson character or a cartoon character like a Mark Ryden Painting. I love the sixties and I love mixing modern day styles with vintage styles. I love wearing eyeglasses and knee high socks the most.

Who has impacted you most in blogging and how?

Chiara Ferragni and I don't think I am the only one to say that. She has now almost 5 million fans and started the day Instagram started. She's a powerhouse and such an inspiration to everyone. She really paved the way for most bloggers showing how it should be done. Like she says she never stops and won't ever stop. I can really relate to her and her drive.

Where do you think blogging will be years from now & how does Fashion Tap fit into that future?

Blogging is already running the entire fashion industry right now. I’ve met with huge brands and they tell me that they get the most sales from fashion bloggers. I think bloggers are relatable and people trust them and buy from them. Most people don’t trust hair commercials anymore, but they do trust their best friend’s advice on hair products. FashionTap is the future of advertising, it’s basically making everyone a walking billboard and this is the wave of the future. With FT, consumers can buy their favorite blogger look with one click, as opposed to searching the web. Bloggers are an organic way to market fashion brands and consumers are loving it.

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