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Hypospadias causes, diagnosis, and treatment.

Hypospadias is a congenital disability in a boy child whereby the urethra fails to function correctly. It is a condition affecting many children, and if not treated, it can affect their sex life. The urethra starts as a channel that blocks as the boy child grows. 

Babies born with hypospadias, the urethra opening forms on the underside of the penis shaft or around the scrotum.  The normal urethra should be on the tip of the penis. The penis curves downwards for a child with hypospadias, and the penis foreskin is underdeveloped.  Hypospadias surgery can correct the condition.

Causes of hypospadias.

The specific factors causing hypospadias condition are yet to be known. However, if a father had hypospadias, there is a possibility of his children developing the abnormality. The urethra defect occurs between nine to twelve weeks of pregnancy. The child’s penis develops after eight weeks in the womb.

There is an increased risk of hypospadias in a child whose mother is obese or over 35 years while pregnant. Also, the use of fertility drugs to help in conception can increase hypospadias risk in male children. Pregnant women can reduce the possibility of hypospadias by avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, exercising, and dieting to maintain fitness and intake of folic acid drugs when pregnant. Also, they need to visit their doctors for regular checkups.

Hypospadias diagnosis.

A physical examination can diagnose hypospadias after the child is born. Doctors should ensure they check all newborn males for hypospadias to correct the condition early.  Doctors can easily recognize the abnormality. After diagnosis, the doctor will send you to the pediatric urologist to treat your baby.

Hypospadias treatment.

Surgery is an effective method of treating hypospadias. The physician will treat the condition when the child is six months to one year as it is easier for the organ to heal when the child and he is ready to undergo anesthesia. Doctors have developed new methods to do the surgery too early to prevent babies from stress and mental problems when they are older.

Hypospadias surgery aims at correcting the penis curve and placing the urethra’s opening at its correct position. You should not circumcise your baby before surgery. The extra foreskin will help the medic to rebuild or increase the urethra length.

The medic will put the baby in anesthesia as they do the surgery, to not experience any pain. If the urologists want to straighten the penis before correcting the urethra opening, your child might need to undergo more than one surgery. However, there is a possibility for the condition to be correct with only one surgery. You can even take your baby home the same day after the surgery.

After surgery, your baby might have a small tube to help in passing out urine. The catheter should remain the place for a few days up to two weeks after the surgery. The physician will prescribe some antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection and painkillers to ease pain and discomfort. Modern technology has made it possible for hypospadias correction to be highly successful.

How to take care of your baby after the surgery.

The doctor will advise you on how to take care of your child after the surgery. They will give you instructions on how to bathe the baby and attend to his bandage. Also, you will get information on identifying signs and symptoms of infection. There are high chances of infections after surgery. You must follow the doctor’s instructions to ensure your son recovers well without the risk of infections.

After surgery, it might take a few months for the organ to heal completely. You might notice bruising and swelling in the area, but it should go away after some time. Ensure your child does not play with riding toys until he heals completely. In case you notice your child is struggling when urinating, bleeding from the surgery site, or gray discoloration on the tip of the penis, contact the doctor immediately.

Bottom line.

In case your son is diagnosed with hypospadias, you do not have to panic as doctors can correct the condition. Hypospadias repairs last forever, and the child can enjoy a normal healthy life. The penis can function properly after the abnormality heals. It would be best to inquire from your physician how long you need to visit the hospital for checkups. Usually, there are minimal complications after surgery. Contact your medic if you notice your son is leaking urine or the urine flow is slow after surgery.

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