Rogue Magazine Top Stories Chueh-Hui (Andrea) Huang: Mastering the Art of Film Editing and Storytelling

Chueh-Hui (Andrea) Huang: Mastering the Art of Film Editing and Storytelling

Chueh-Hui Huang, a distinguished film editor, has made a significant mark in Los Angeles, her journey beginning in Taipei, Taiwan. She holds a Master’s degree in Film and TV Production from the University of Southern California, with her experiences around the globe enriching her filmmaking ventures.

(Chueh-Hui Huang at Highland Park Independent Film Festival)

Transitioning from an undergraduate background in economics, Chueh-Hui has made substantial strides in the film industry, swiftly moving from executive roles to the position of executive producer. In this capacity, she spearheaded the production of celebrated commercials for esteemed brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar, McDonald’s, and Pepsi. Her work has seen her collaborate with prominent personalities like Tang Wei, Zhou Dongyu, Elane Zhong, and Ming Xi, which has notably bolstered her resilience and creativity.

(Chueh-Hui Huang’s previous work experience with Tang Wei, nominee of 61st British Academy Film Awards)

Chueh-Hui harbors a profound passion for narrative storytelling, a domain where she has particularly excelled in film editing. Her portfolio includes a wide range of projects such as narrative films, documentaries, music videos, and animations, each offering distinct creative challenges and opportunities. Among her recent endeavors are her collaborations on DIRECTV commercials with FIN Studios and her role in editing a promising hour-long web series, which is expected to join a collection of widely recognized series.

(Chueh-Hui Huang attended premiere for OF SILENCE AND SONG, as the editor of the film)

In her career progression, Chueh-Hui has had the privilege of being mentored and guided by Paul LaMori, the SVP of Post Production at Warner Bros. Pictures. This mentorship facilitated her connections with influential figures in the editing sphere, such as Jon Poll, thereby advancing her professional growth. Furthermore, her notable talent and expertise have earned her recommendations from industry veterans like Doug Blush and Kate Amend, enhancing her reputation in the field.

Chueh-Hui is actively involved in the filmmaking community, mentoring up-and-coming talents and imparting her knowledge and experiences. Her commitment to the industry is also demonstrated by her role as a judge at the Watersprite Film Festival, where she provides constructive feedback and insights to young filmmakers from over 100 countries.

Dedicated and ever-evolving, Chueh-Hui Huang continues to strive for excellence in editing and filmmaking. She remains committed to learning from her esteemed colleagues and giving back to the community, ensuring her ongoing contribution to the art and craft of filmmaking.

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