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Families Of Active-Duty Military: 9 Unique Ways To Spend Quality Time As A Family

Coming up with unique and fun activities as a family can be a real challenge. When a parent is in the military, it makes family time even more critical. The memories you make together will sustain your whole family during deployment, so coming up with exciting, fun, and unique experiences is crucial. 

You should make the most of your time together when you can. Planning ahead can be a great way to ensure you spend every moment together making memories. Here are some unique ways to bond as a family. 

Create Family Traditions

Create family traditions to make your time memorable. Take a trip to a certain restaurant when you come back from deployment or cook a particular meal.

Visit Local Museums

Check out the local museums for a fun and educational experience. Pretend to be a tourist in your hometown and visit all of the most popular places. 

Go Fishing

Rent a boat for the weekend and spend an idyllic time fishing and enjoying the adventure of getting out onto open water. Ensure you take all safety precautions for sailing, including properly fitted and age-appropriate life vests, as well taking an online boater safety course from before you get out on the water. Teach your kids to fish and cook the things you’ve caught after. 

Learn A Language Together

Use an app or sign up for a class to learn a language as a family. Children pick up languages faster than adults, so they may end up being the ones to help you with your homework. Decide which language to learn as a family. 

Search For A New Home Together

If you’re considering buying a property, make it a family activity. Ask the kids to make lists of what they want in a home. Go house hunting and viewing together and ask for your kids’ opinions. As a military member, you may be eligible for a VA home loan. Talk to experts like Hero Loan to find out how VA loans could help you buy your dream home. 

Plan Home Decorations

Include the kids in discussions on how to decorate the home. Ask for their input on your ideas and let them offer ideas in turn. Let them choose the colors for their rooms and throughout the house, within reason. Ask them to draw or paint what they want the space to look like. 

Make Chores A Game

Have a competition to see who can do their chores the quickest. Ensure no cheating occurs and chores are done correctly. When chores are finished, reward the kids with a treat or fun activity. 

Go Foraging

Teach your kids about local wildlife by going foraging for fruit and vegetables. Ensure you forage in areas that allow the practice. Be aware of which edible plants are safe and which are poisonous. Print out a map of forageable items in your area and see how many you can find. 

Host A Family Bake Off

Hold a competition to see who can bake the best goodies. Ensure that you help younger children with anything involving heat or the oven. Supervise to ensure things run smoothly. Let the kids choose what they want to bake and give them a time limit.

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