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Camping Essentials Checklist

Whether you are a first time camper or go out every weekend, coming prepared can make or break your trip. When you are out in the wilderness, you are often too far to run to a store and pick up things you’ve forgotten. We created this checklist to help you prepare for your next camping trip to avoid forgetting any of the camping essentials. 


While this might seem like something too obvious to forget, make sure you are bringing an appropriate shelter for your camping trip. For example, if you are hiking in with your gear don’t bring a tent that is heavy and not meant for backpacking. If you are somewhere with a lot of bugs or expecting rain, you may also want to bring a tent for protection during the daytime. Also make sure to pack a weather appropriate sleeping bag and sleeping pad. 


Depending on how remote of a location you are camping in affects how prepared you need to come with electronics. If you are not near a car or outlet, you may want to bring a portable battery to charge the electronics you need. Make sure to be prepared with a reliable flashlight for nighttime. Each person should have one for walking around the campsite at night, especially when camping around uneven terrain. A headlamp would also be very useful when you are cooking dinner or making a campfire in the evening. 


Figuring out how much food to bring camping can be one of the most challenging things when packing for a trip. If this is your first time camping, you will have a much better idea of what to pack for food after the initial trip. Make notes of what you brought and if it was too much or not enough for the entire time. Also make sure to pack a camp stove and fuel if needed for your meals, as well as utensils and seasonings. Check to see if there is fresh water available where you are staying or if you need to bring with your own. Factor in if you will be drinking more water than normal due to weather or taking long hikes. 


Safety items can be the most important things to bring with you but also the easiest to forget about. Research the area you are staying in so you are aware of any safety hazards that you may run into. If it’s in an area with a lot of bugs make sure to pack a lot of bug spray or bug spray formulated to specifically keep away ones in that area. Pack plenty of sunscreen and aloe even if the weather forecast isn’t particularly sunny. Always make sure to keep a first aid kit on hand in case of an emergency. 

Packing for a camping trip can be stressful, especially when it is your first trip. Use this checklist as a guide to help you know where to start in your packing process. Coming on a camping trip prepared will lead to a much more fun and relaxing trip for everyone involved.  

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