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Is It Time To Take Your Car to the Mechanic?

It is all too easy to ignore car problems because of the hassle involved. For example, many people overlook dashboard warning lights and breathe a sigh of relief each day when the car seems to continue working OK. However, this approach is risky. It is probably time to take your car in for service if you notice the following signs.

Unresponsive Brakes

Brake issues such as unresponsiveness or a feeling of “softness” are emergencies. Failing brakes can cause accidents and are life-threatening.

Problems Starting or Stalling

Seek out a mechanic as soon as possible if your car struggles to start, for example, if it takes you a few tries to get it going. Similarly, if it stalls often, take the car in for service. Otherwise, you risk being stranded on the road. It’s better to deal with the root problem, whatever it is, while you still can.

Odd Noises or Odors

Squealing, clunking, and knocking noises are communications from your car that all is not OK. Get these unusual, persistent noises taken care of. Ditto for odors such as burning or even a sweet smell. They could signify electrical issues, fluid leaks, or overheating.

Dashboard Warning Lights

When warning indicators such as the check engine or ABS light up, it’s also your car saying, “Hey, I think something may be wrong. I need a pro to take a look at me.” Sometimes, they are false alarms, especially the older your car is, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Fortunately, the warning light systems on the most modern vehicles such as a new Acura for sale are much less likely to give false notices.


leaking car is something you want to get checked out. Brake fluid, oil, coolant, and transmission fluid can all leak, and sometimes, the issues are minor. The longer you wait for service, though, the more time you give the problems to escalate and become more expensive.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

If you’re having to fill up the gas tank more often or your car isn’t as responsive to acceleration, it could signal problems with fuel economy. That, in turn, may relate to problems with the engine or exhaust system, among others. Fuel problems are doubly frustrating because you pay more for gas. The sooner you take your car in for service, the better.

Vibrations or Steering Problems

The alignment or suspension could be at risk if you experience the car pulling to one side. The same idea applies for shaky or vibrating steering/driving.

Temperature Fluctuations

Overheating engines and erratic temperature gauge readings can point to issues with your car’s cooling system. You risk engine damage the longer you wait to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

Peace of Mind

If you have to ask yourself, “Should I take the car to a mechanic?” the answer is yes. When you are dealing with odd noises, gas guzzling, dashboard warning lights, stalling engines, or a host of other issues, your car is letting you know something’s up. Take your car in for peace of mind and to prevent potentially costly repairs.

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