Rogue Magazine News Why Orbit Makes Sense For Your Business

Why Orbit Makes Sense For Your Business

The modern healthcare landscape is heavily dependent upon health insurance plans. And, for every member with an insurance plan, a healthcare provider must submit a claim to the carrier. However, a large proportion of health insurance claims get denied and 65% of them are never reworked. This equates to a total annual loss of $262 billion simply due to insurance denials.

But what is the largest driving factor behind these insurance errors? Often, it’s an issue of insurance information capture. Paper and clipboard or manual digital input are susceptible to human error, which affects every 1 in 25 claims. New Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology takes human error out of it, but this new technology only works 60% of the time. The best way to remedy this problem is to get an automated insurance information capture system.

Fortunately, Orbit offers a perfect solution for healthcare providers. Orbit offers credible and reliable systems that automate insurance information capture and saves businesses as much as 60% of costs. It takes insurance cards in printed or digital form and then captures and verifies the information in 5 seconds or less. Whether you’re looking to cut down on the amount of denied claims or to save time and money with automation, Orbit Systems offers a solution for you.

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