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The Side Effects of Inconsistent Branding

It’s no surprise that any successful business is going to have a strong brand image. No matter what this is, from the most simple to niche, it must be clear. A big part of creating this clarity is consistency. There’s nothing more damaging than a brand coming off as child friendly on one platform and mature on another. Of course most instances of inconsistent branding won’t be so dramatic, but the principle is clear.

In practice 90% of brands have at least somewhat inconsistent branding. There are a range of consequences this can create. First and foremost there will be marketplace confusion. What is the product or service? Who is it meant for? Questions like these are supposed to be answered, in part, through strong branding. 29% of the time this interrupts or slows sale cycles. 28% of the time generating new potential customers is also slowed. 

Customers ultimately want consistent branding, and this means consistency across all platforms. Not just social media and websites, but consistency in emails, advertisements, articles, anything and everything. If this isn’t managed then all the issues listed above can lead to real problems for a business. Luckily there are modern businesses that rate brand consistency and can help. It’s become more of a science than it used to be. Of course it’s just one part of a successful business, but an important one.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard

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