Rogue Magazine News Nearing the end of Marijuana Prohibition

Nearing the end of Marijuana Prohibition

The year is 2023 and it is becoming more common and acceptable to use marijuana for recreational purposes or for medical reasons. The trend that started in 1996 in California has made its ways all across the United States, with 42% of the states legalizing recreational use. 

Currently there are only two states with no legal use of marijuana. Both Idaho and Nebraska have continued to make marijuana, in any form, illegal. While 44% of Americans live in a state that has access to legalized recreational marijuana there are still states on the fence that are working towards legislation to support their states.

Although, it is clear there is more work to be done in terms of legalizing marijuana it is true to say the United States has come a long way. When we discuss the prohibition many of us jump to alcohol, but in all fairness, there is still a prohibition to be fought. This prohibition has led to countless arrests and prosecutions of nonviolent individuals in possession of marijuana. For these individuals their recreational use, and sometimes medical use, can lead them to incarceration in one state while being legal in another. Legislators have taken this into account and in 2022 alone more than fifty federal bills regarding federal regulations were introduced.

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