Rogue Magazine News How to Maintain Your Gym to Ensure Customer Retention

How to Maintain Your Gym to Ensure Customer Retention

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted gym owners around the world. Being banned from the gym was the last thing on the minds of many people when they first heard of the Coronavirus. Gyms were closed indefinitely with a number of owners being fined for allowing patrons to come into the gym. The importance of maintaining your gym at this time cannot be understated. You want to retain as many customers as possible and give them no reason to look elsewhere to exercise. 

The Look of The Gym Matters 

Going into a gym with a cracked glass door doesn’t give a person confidence that the gym will be quality. Replacing these types of glass doors should be done with security glass. Times are hard around the world and fitness equipment can fetch quite a bit of money on the resale market. Depending on the type of gym you have, the decorations should be different. A powerlifting gym is going to be far different than a gym that offers spin and yoga classes. 

Keep Equipment in Working Shape 

Everyone has been to a gym that has a few pieces of equipment that always seem to be out of order. The importance of choosing top brands in your gym cannot be understated. You should also have staff make sure machines that need oils have it. All equipment should be tested by staff before anyone enters the gym. This shouldn’t take very long even with just a few people working. You do not want anyone getting hurt at the gym as this could be immensely bad for its reputation and will likely result in a lawsuit if it is due to faulty equipment.

Enforce Rules of Wiping Down Used Equipment

In today’s world, there is more of a need to keep equipment at your gym in pristine condition. You have to enforce wiping down each machine after use as it is sanitary. Even before COVID-19 emerged, wiping the machines down can reduce the chance of catching ringworm. Your staff should not feel awkward about telling someone to wipe down a machine. If there is resistance, that customer can find another gym. You could potentially lose more customers if wiping down equipment isn’t a strict rule. The worst thing that can happen right now is have your gym be the epicenter of a COVID breakout. 

Referral Programs 

Referral programs can help retain customers if you give them discounts on their monthly fee for referring people. You can give free memberships to people that have brought in a number of people for a year. Friends like to workout together in some cases so reward your current customers for bringing in new customers. Friends that are workout partners will not leave unless given a reason to like a price hike or overcrowding. The gym is likely close to both of their residences and convenient as most people don’t drive a half an hour to get to a gym. 

Keep your gym in the best condition possible to retain as high of a percentage of customers as possible. Having a gym that is nearly at full capacity can allow marketing spend to go down. Overcrowding is a huge issue for some so unless you plan to expand, keep a cap on how many customers you have.

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