Rogue Magazine News 7 Grilling Gift Ideas to Give this Holiday Season

7 Grilling Gift Ideas to Give this Holiday Season

7 Grilling Gift Ideas to Give this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. Time to start buying gifts for your loved one. Instead of yet another sweater or scarf this year, why not give the gift that will keep giving all year round? By giving a grill or grilling accessories, the recipient will be able to use the present throughout the year whether they’re cooking for themselves or hosting friends and family.

1) Grill Light

This grill light will be a perfect gift for anyone who is grilling after the sun goes down. Grill lights are great for helping with visibility while cooking at night, especially important when working with meats like steak, which can quickly become overcooked and tough if they spend too much time on the hot metal of your barbecue. This model is battery powered so it can be placed anywhere you need it, with no cords to worry about.

2) Wireless Thermometer

Everyone has experienced the disappointment of cutting into a piece of meat only to find out that it is still pink in the center. This wireless thermometer will prevent this from happening by sending alerts when your meats are cooked perfectly, allowing you to focus on other things like drinks and side dishes while everyone gets to enjoy their meal at the same time.

3) Grill Mat

Grill mats are great for helping protect your grill from things like melted cheese which can fall off the burger and stick to the metal. They also help prevent meats like fish or vegetables from sticking, making meals easier to flip and serve. This model features a non-stick surface on both sides, so you will always be getting two functions for the price of one.

4) Pork Butt Roaster

Pork butt roasters are used for cooking pork shoulder over indirect heat, allowing the fat to melt away from the meat. This makes it easier to pull apart and eat while also leaving your guests with a piece of meat that is less fatty than other cuts like ribs or brisket, which can sometimes feel heavy on your stomach if you aren’t used to eating them.

5) Rotisserie Attachment

For anyone who isn’t already using a rotisserie on their grill, this will be an exciting addition that opens up the world of barbecue. This model attaches directly onto your existing barbecue, providing enough room for four chickens or two whole turkeys at once. It’s great for feeding large groups and also perfect for a holiday meal.

6) Cast Iron Grill Press

This cast iron grill press will help achieve that perfectly square, crispy edge for anyone who likes to cook their burgers nice and flat. It also doubles as a smoker, so it is perfect for someone looking to expand the capabilities of their barbecue even further than they thought possible.

7) Grill Basket

For anyone who has a barbecue that allows them to adjust the height of their grates, this grill basket will be perfect for creating an easy way to cook up all kinds of vegetables. It can also be used to cook bacon, sausages, and other meats that are often difficult to keep contained on your barbeque without losing them through the cracks.

In conclusion, this holiday season, give the gift that will keep giving all year long by getting your favorite grill master a new barbecue accessory.

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