Rogue Magazine News 5 Things To Think About When Expanding Your Business

5 Things To Think About When Expanding Your Business

5 Things To Think About When Expanding Your Business

Your business is expanding, and you couldn’t be happier – but what happens next? Here, we’ve put together a list of things to think about when expansion takes your business by storm.

  1. Overhauling your digital marketing strategy

The larger your business is, the more important aspects like your digital marketing strategy being up to date matters; digital marketing is a moving target, and especially as your business expands and changes this is something you need to keep on top of if you want to keep enjoying the same successes. So wherever you’re based, search for the best digital strategists you can find; for example if you’re based in Canada you might want to work with the best SEO company in Toronto, as you know how important it is to get your digital strategy right.

  1. Rethinking your physical space

The more your business expands, every now and then you aren’t going to be able to avoid ending a new physical space. It’s important to maintain a positive physical environment, and expansion means more employees, more stock, and a higher profile. All of this means you’re going to need an increase in size and standards. When you do start thinking about this, you should make sure you start googling moving companies San Diego – or wherever you are based! – as soon as you can.

  1. Employee benefits

Every time you expand, one of the first things on your list should be thinking about employee benefits. You may be the mastermind and perhaps you’re still at a very hands on stage with your business, but the people who are really helping to push you forward successfully are your employees. The benefits you can offer might be small at first – for example, free snacks in the break room or a small raise – but at this point, it’s more about the gesture and making sure your employees know you value their contribution and role. This builds their loyalty, and fosters a positive two way relationship.

  1. Local media

You may know you’re expanding your business, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is aware of it. You should make an effort to get in touch with local media – local newspapers, local tv stations, and local radio stations, are all fantastic ways to get the word out locally about your business, and they often don’t charge an extortionate amount either. This means that even if you are a small business, you can likely afford to spend a little bit on these media relationships to benefit your business growth and reach new customers.

  1. Contributing locally

Your business might be your main concern, but just like everything else it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It exists very much in the local area where it’s made its home, and there are a couple of reasons why this means you should make an effort to contribute to that community. Firstly, it’s a nice gesture to show the community that you value its patronage and acceptance of your business; though they may not have done anything directly or personally to advance your business’ success, it is their community that has allowed it to thrive and you want to continue fostering that goodwill. Spending your money on local businesses and showing an interest in local affairs is a great way to do that. Secondly, contributing to the area financially will end up being beneficial to you as well; your financial contribution bolsters the local economy, and in the end this is a positive for your business too!

Expanding your business is always exciting, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a lot to think about – so hopefully this list will have given you some ideas for where to get started with this next phase!

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