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The Ultimate Cashmere Scarf

Quinn is the premier online seller of exceptionally beautiful cashmere scarves. You can find a wide range of styles, designs, and colors that will complement your personal taste and preference. Products are designed by some of the industry’s well-known designers like Mou, Misa Los Angeles, Alexie, MZ Wallace New York, Agolde, Banjanan, Ease UT Ease, and Ancient Greek Sandals. Their gorgeous designs of cashmere scarves are incomparable to others in the industry.

Designs That Make A Personal Statement

The cashmere scarf collection from Quinn has much to offer. When shopping at Quinnshop, take time to peruse the variety of products. As you are exploring the site, you are sure to fall in love with more than one cashmere scarf. Think about your wardrobe and see which ones will add a special touch to your outfit.

Among the popular scarves showcased are:

 – Emaline Ombre Cashmere Infinity Scarf: The drawstring design will keep you warm in those cold winter days. 

 – Mixed Stitch Cashmere Wrap: A warm and chunky knit that you can wear like a shawl or scarf.

 – Striped Cashmere Scarf: Made from extra fine cashmere, you can wear it in different ways. The lightweight makes it suitable for all seasons.

 – Monica Oversized Cashmere Scarf: The design features a textured mini cable stitch. You can wear this as a wrap or as a scarf. 

 – Cashmere Whisper Weight Scarf: Another extra lightweight scarf that is perfect for a cool evening.

 – Cashmere Leopard Print Scarf: The exotic leopard print design with fringe adds an exciting touch to your wardrobe. The dyes are eco-friendly.

There are many other cashmere scarf designs on Quinn’s website. The designs are offered in 48 beautiful colors. Prices start from $95 and up. Take your time to browse the wonderful collection to choose your favorite complement to your wardrobe.

How to Select the Perfect Cashmere Scarf

Customers who shopped at Quinn are so pleased with their first order that they often come back to buy more. For people who have never purchased a cashmere scarf before, here are some helpful tips to help with the decision making.

– Look at the quality of the cashmere. High quality cashmere will give you the best value because their quality lasts. Quinn’s scarves are made from 100% cashmere and not a blend of other fibers. The cashmere is sourced from the biggest and most reputable supplier in the world, Inner Mongolia. Every scarf is subjected to a “ring test” in which the cashmere scarf should be able to pass through a finger ring. If the cashmere scarf passes the ring test, it means the cashmere is soft and the construction is high in quality. This is a test that you can easily conduct at home with your purchase.

– Examine the quality of the knit. Cashmere scarves come in a wide variety of designs and color patterns. However, you need to look beyond that. You also have to examine the quality of the knit. The knit should not be loose or thin. Quinn’s designers are proud of the high quality of their scarves because each scarf is constructed with the highest standard of technique. The edges and ends should be interlocked properly with no loose threads. The stitches should not be easily unraveled after washing.

– Examine the possibility of pilling: Pilling is what happens to the fiber when you rub poor quality cashmere fabric and fibers rub off in tiny clumps. The cashmere scarves from Quinn will not pill because they are the highest in quality. Even scarves purchased from Quinn a few years ago have very little pilling because the cashmere is of the highest grade.

– Do a color comparison. When a cashmere scarf from Quinn is compared to one from another company, customers see how much more vibrant the Quinn cashmere scarves are. The colors are just as vibrant after several years. Inferior cashmere scarves will fade after several washes, but that will not be the case with Quinn cashmere scarves. You will enjoy their beautiful colors year after year. 

– Look at the thickness of the cashmere scarf. Before you buy a cashmere scarf, inquire about the thickness of the scarf. Cashmere comes in Grade A and Grade B. The cashmere scarves at Quinn are all Grade A quality. Quinn uses the softest yarns in 14 and 15.5 microns. Other brands with Grade B quality may use yarn with 16 and 19 microns. Scarves made from Grade B yarn will probably not pass the ring test because the scarf will not be soft enough. Therefore, pay attention to the grade, and always choose a seller of Grade A cashmere like Quinn.

Quinn’s Shipping Policy

After you place your order, Quinn will process your order within two business days. Shipping time generally takes a week. For orders over $100 shipping is free. 

Quinn has developed a great reputation as the leading provider of cashmere scarves and products. Their products are beautiful and versatile. They stand by the high quality of all of their products, and customers are never disappointed.

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