The sports industry is one of the largest in the world. It encapsulates millions of fans and viewers every year. In the early eighteen centuries, sports were just a hobby. Many could not make a living off of being on a sports team until about one-hundred years ago. The more people that viewed sports as a pastime, the more people began to love it. Many such as Alexander Djerassi know the impact sports can have on a community. Some places have raised some of the most famous sportspeople in history. These athletes work from basically the time they can walk to be the most successful people in the industry. The Olympics, a concept many people seemed to forget was created thousands of years ago. Coliseums used to be filled with thousands of people to show off the greatest competitors in the world. It’s clear that these people carried on the traditions of modern sports, like Football. The industry is a monopoly in the sense that it dominates almost every other network’s viewers. When a game is on, people are happy and content. Sports have been making people feel happier for thousands of years. One of the first sports was wrestling which dates back to over fifteen thousand years ago. Since then people have practiced archery, swimming,  fencing, horseback riding, and fighting. These sports have made a remarkable dent in what humans perceive as a fun activity. From a biological standpoint, sport and the aggression shown in some sports are based on the flight or fight responses many people have. The idea of “fighting” correlates to many of the sports depicted in modern times. Boxing and ring fighting are all examples of people doing the “fight” response that is part of our brains. On the other hand, the “flight” response also carries into less violent sports. Dancing and yoga are ways people decompress and still prove human nature. There has never been more of an interest in sports than there has during the quarantine. With many more views, people are more curious about what is happening with their teams. The more bored people are the more they tune into sports which is great for networks like ESPN, NBC, CBS, and ABC. Even colleges have found more of a response in regards to their smaller sports like soccer or volleyball. People can’t attend these widely known games so they want to watch them online or on the air. Networks have to manage how to show all these sporting events while still making sure all parties are happy. With sports being shown on so many different platforms at the same time, it can be difficult to choose which network to tune into.  In all, sports have been one of the biggest injuries in the whole world. The athletes make millions of dollars and the franchisees themselves are billion-dollar companies. Now that survival is not a need or necessity, people have learned to pay to watch others beat each other on the field. It’s incredible that people have marketed the industry to make billions of dollars on what used to be a basic human need. 

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