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Smart Devices: Common and Obscure

The idea of a smart home, one that talks back and works automatically, has existed for decades. It’s an appealing concept, convenient, efficient, even a bit comedic, and it’s slowly becoming a reality. Today 69% of American households own at least one smart device. It sounds like a massive number at first, but smart devices can be many things.

The most common, and most well-known, are the audio and video devices. The smart speakers, TVs, hubs, the Alexa’s and Echo’s of the market. Although stopping here would be to ignore countless over markets and devices. Smart security, for example, was one of the first on the scene.

Smart doorbells, smart locks, smart cameras, these give homeowners security over their home. There are also practical smart devices, smart heaters, thermostats, lightbulbs. These devices save money and are fairly simplistic in nature. Then there are the more obscure and niche devices.

Smart mirrors, showerheads, ovens, window shades and blinds, these all solve small issues with big tech. These are all moving towards one end though, the smart home. Today these devices’ biggest barrier is price. They can be undeniably pricy and for most the convenience is n’t worth the cost. 
Yet, slowly this is changing. The future can never truly be known, but the smart device market is on the rise. It’s not unrealistic to say that it won’t be long before every home has a smart device. Decades in the future all homes may even be smart in their entirety. All that can be done is to wait and see.

Smart Devices and Homes of the Future

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