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Longest Lasting Motorcycle Batteries

Your motorcycle battery is an essential part of your electrical system. Without it, your bike won’t start. Even when running, your bike’s battery plays a central role in the operation of the electrical system. While batteries are being recharged repeatedly when in use, they do need to be replaced every so often. So, finding a battery with a long life is a good idea.

One piece of good news about motorcycle batteries is that they work universally. So, you don’t necessarily need to shop Kawasaki motorcycle parts to find a battery for your Kawasaki bike. However, they are different sizes. It is important to check the dimensions of your battery when shopping for a replacement (for the most part, there are a few form factors to choose from rather than random sizes).

The Average Life of a Motorcycle Battery

A typical battery will last between three and five years depending on how you treat it and how often you use it. Short, frequent trips tend to be the hardest on the battery. Longer trips with fewer engine starts will help to keep your battery in optimal shape for longer.

Some long-lasting batteries can survive as long as six years. However, beyond that, it starts to become difficult to know when your battery will need to be replaced. Modern batteries tend to work perfectly until they are near failure. This is more convenient but may surprise you if you don’t replace your battery on a regular schedule.

The Most Reliable Batteries & Where To Buy Them

You can find a wide variety of excellent motorcycle batteries at 2Wheel. So, the next time you are browsing motorcycle helmets on sale, check for a replacement battery as well.

  • Yuasa Maintenance Free Battery: This battery is affordable and easy to use. As a maintenance-free option, it doesn’t have the same risks of leaking that conventional batteries do. It is a lead acid design that is reliable and simple to use. There is a high-performance version too.
  • Bikemaster High Performance Maintenance Free Battery:Like the Yuasa battery, the Bikemaster is lead-acid based but is filled by the dealer and carefully sealed. In fact, this battery has a very similar construction as the Yuasa but is available at a reduced price.
  • Drag Specialties Battery: This is another great high-performance battery. Like the others, it is pre-filled, pre-charged and maintenance-free. So, you can count on it to work well with no intervention or special care.

As mentioned above, it is important to check the sizing of batteries before you order. Manufacturers squeeze them between the motorcycle fairings and engine parts. Unlike car batteries, they are somewhat varied in size. However, simply checking the dimensions is usually enough. Plus, if you order on a website such as 2Wheel, you can filter by your bike.

Replace Your Motorcycle Battery Today

Find a replacement battery today. You need to change your battery every three to five years to ensure that it works optimally at all times. Fortunately, you can find some very reliable batteries on the market today. Many of them require almost no maintenance. Order today.

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