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Common Reasons Cars Get Towed

Cars are towed for a huge variety of reasons. If you want to find out why your car has been towed, then the only thing that you need to do is take a look below.

The Driver Is Unlicensed

Vehicles cannot be driven by an unlicensed driver. Vehicles can be towed even if the driver is not the owner. The police department cannot assume the liability for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive when they have been stopped. Officers will not usually leave the vehicle where it has stopped. The vehicle will most likely be towed right away and it will be impounded after a set period of time.

The Car Is Blocking The Way

If you have left the car blocking a roadway or a sidewalk then this will also give it reason to be towed. Vehicles cannot block a lane of traffic, a driveway or a sidewalk. They cannot block a right of way either. Obstructing vehicles will be towed immediately as they will be classified as being a safety hazard.

Registration Has Expired

Any vehicle that is found on the roadway, on a public lane or even in a parking lot will be towed if the registration has expired. The vehicle may be released to the owner, but only if they are able to bring proof of its registration.

Dismantled Vehicles

If your vehicle is not in a safe condition or if it is not able to run, then it will be moved.  This is especially the case if it cannot be moved by the original owner, for example, if it has missing wheels or a missing engine.

Abandoned Vehicles

If a vehicle has been parked and it is classed as being abandoned on a public street, then the vehicle may be towed. Owners will have three days in most instances to remove the vehicle before it can be towed.

Criminal Evidence

Officers will absolutely impound or tow a vehicle immediately if it has been used in a crime or if it contains evidence that pertains to a crime. 

Parking Violations

Vehicles that have a lot of unpaid parking tickets may also be towed at any time. If you choose to pay the tickets, then you may well be able to get the vehicle released. This can only be done to the true owner of the car.

Parked on Unauthorized Property

If your car is parked unauthorized or if it is blocking private property then you may also be towed. Vehicles cannot park in private parking lots or any other spaces unless they are authorized by the owner.  Private property owners need to have specific signs at the entrance stating that cars can park there.

Of course, if your car has been towed or if you know that you need to get your car moved for any reason at all, then acting quickly is key. Look for contact info for reliable towing and recovery services. You need to make sure that you take the time to get your documentation in order as well, to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle if possible. 

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