Rogue Magazine Lifestyle 8 Gift Ideas the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life Will Love

8 Gift Ideas the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life Will Love

8 Gift Ideas the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life Will Love

When you set out to choose gifts for someone who is into outdoor recreation, there are a million items on your list. But once you’ve narrowed it down to top choices, you might find that your gift ideas get small. The following are the eight gift ideas the outdoor enthusiast in your life will love.

1. The Ultimate Backpacker’s Gear Bag

If they have never had one of these before, they’re likely to be very impressed with this new and useful bag designed specifically for the needs of backpackers. Choose between two sizes—a large one that can carry everything from sleeping bags to tents to their cooking gear, and a smaller version that can hold just about everything else. This is a great gift for any adventurous friend who loves getting outside and exploring nature.

2. A New Tent Camping Set

The best way to make friends with anyone interested in camping is to give them an experience together. That means spending time outdoors under the stars, so why not give the gift of good equipment? They’ll be able to pitch their tent anywhere and have room enough for all their supplies without worrying about packing too much. This set includes a 12-by-9-foot tarp, three ground pads, a tent stake kit, extra stakes, guy lines, and other essentials.

3. An Adventurer’s Chair

For many people, a weekend away at camp or on vacation means sitting around a fire pit or patio sipping wine after a long day of hiking. Why not help them relax even more with something that lets them stretch out comfortably while watching the flames? This chair features a special design that allows its occupant to sit back and dangle his feet over the side.

4. Fishing Gear

If your mate wants to learn how to cast a line or fish for some tasty critters, this could be just the gift to make it happen! The gifts may vary depending on the type of fishing your friend wants to do, but there’s one thing they probably want no matter what – the right kind of bait.

5. A Portable Solar Power Charger

Whether it’s a mobile phone or tablet they use most often for work or play, having a portable solar charger to charge up devices while they’re out in the wild is always an excellent addition to their arsenal. Whether they have a power outlet at home or not, they need to charge somewhere away from electricity when they’re on the road.

6. An Air Mat

When finding a comfortable spot to sleep or lay down at night, a few items can match the advantages of having a non-slip air mat under you instead of a sheet or sleeping bag. Not only does it cushion your body from the cool, damp earth below, but it also prevents dirt and debris from landing on your bedding.

7. A Smart Phone Waterproof Case

A phone case that keeps moisture off the surface is important if you’re hiking or boating. Many models feature shock-absorbent layers that help protect against drops or high-impact situations. Others offer pockets or pouches to store small valuables such as cash, cards, or keys.

8. An Escape Game

It’s much easier to make travel fun when you don’t have to worry about keeping track of all the essentials — meaning a companion that knows where everything is and which clothes match what. Escape game kits are perfect if your friend would rather enjoy a relaxing trip than lugging heavy luggage. The games generally include puzzles featuring clues to search for items throughout the room.

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