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Tips on Enhancing Sexual Intimacy for Men

It is arguably true that a quality sex life leads to a healthy lifestyle with adverse health benefits. As a man, you need to strive and achieve a high performance before, during, and after sexual intercourse with your partner. Contemplate the following as a crib of tips and tricks to refine your sex session from satisfactory to an earth-shattering and eye-rolling experience that will leave your partner craving more.

Healthy Eating

As a man, you must eat healthily to escalate your energy levels during sex. Good nutrition will boost your libido and improve your general health. You should aim at consuming foods with minimal cholesterol levels to enhance the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system.

Manage Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety often make it hard for you to maintain an erection. If you are anxious during sex, you will tend to be less engaged in intercourse, eventually affecting your performance. Regular exercising, getting more sleep, aiming at escalating physical sensations, and developing mechanisms to improve your relationship are ways of managing stress and anxiety.

Plan for Sex

It may sound absurd or weird, but proper sex planning will greatly improve your sex life as a man. Together with your partner, you should come up with a set schedule that is compatible with your daily activities. You shouldn’t allow your sex frequency to dwindle due to a lack of proper planning or even fatigue.

Get Her into the Mood

Sex is boring if one of the parties isn’t in the mood. You can use your mobile phone to send your partner those sexy messages or emails that will keep her longing for the intimate session once you hook up.

Effective Communication

Many relationships are thwarted by improper communication between both parties. You should freely speak about your sexual experiences or expectations of your partner. This will enable you to get comprehensive feedback on what you need to improve. You can also develop new techniques that will make you enjoy your intimate sessions even more. Frequent and effective communication will ease any sexual dysfunction fears and solve any challenges you experience.

Try New Things

Sex is an adventure that lacks a culmination, and each session is full of exploration. It is advisable to try out wild and new things with your partner that will thrill the sexual sensation. You can try changing the location or even explore some sexual fantasies that will make your experience more exciting.

Ladies love trying out crazy things that will make them orgasm at an escalating rate. You can contemplate getting exclusive vibrators for your partner to enhance the experience. Trying out some activities outside the bedroom, such as hiking, kayaking, cooking, or even visiting parks, will enhance your bond.

Concentrate on Foreplay

Foreplay is essential in stimulating the intimate mood. Females prefer longer foreplay to penetration, since they can experience an orgasm with ease. Foreplay can include cuddling, oral sex, kissing, and touching. With quality foreplay, there is an assurance that you will enjoy a fantastic sexual experience.

Regular Exercising

As much as eating healthy food is important, you need to exercise frequently to improve your sexual performance. Health conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases can affect the nervous system, which will, in turn, distort the amount of blood flowing to the penis, making it hard for you to maintain or get an erection.

Regular exercise will also improve your mental health, reducing anxiety or stress levels. You can also try exercising your urinary muscles by stopping urine flow for seconds and repeating the same procedure. Set some few minutes or hours to indulge in physical activities that enhance your body’s fitness.

Sexual dissatisfaction is irritating and causes discontent for both parties, but the above tips will enable you to overcome this with ease. In case of a medical issue, you can always consult a medic.

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