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The Focus Epidemic

Regaining the ability to focus can improve one’s life in several ways. However, most Americans have lost that skill. The human mind wanders for nearly half the day, as so many report feeling distracted and interrupted throughout the day. Digital distractions do the most damage, and are costing us more than we realize. From intelligence loss to monetary loss, daily distractions are changing the way that our bodies function, leading many to caffeine and other energy drinks to combat it.

Energy drinks, coffee, and teas are the main methods of this consumption. In fact, people consume millions of liters of caffeine and sugar in an attempt to enhance their focus. Regular users will claim that they reap the benefits of such products, however, they are not all they’re cracked up to be. Caffeine can provide energy, but may alter sleep schedules, decrease productivity, and even cause long-term health problems.

Instead, scientists recommend more natural methods of regaining focus. Some of the most popular involve behavioral changes, like Biohacking, while others are actual supplements that enhance cognition, like nootropics. Fortunately, many are already moving towards more natural solutions, but the prioritization of brain health is still a work in progress. Proper brain health can lead to better sleep and reduced stress, explaining why scientists are pushing for an end to this focus epidemic through safer means of doing so.

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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