Rogue Magazine Health Staying Fit at Home: Key Equipment You’ll Need

Staying Fit at Home: Key Equipment You’ll Need

Getting fit usually conveys thoughts of long trips to the gym for most, and spending unreasonable amounts of money on transportation and memberships. However, it doesn’t need to be that way. The human body is remarkably adaptable and small changes to diet and activity can easily result in enormous changes.

There are two main areas of exercise, aerobic and anaerobic exercise. These are commonly used interchangeably with cardio and strength training. The first section, cardio, can be filled by a simple under-desk treadmill. Using a treadmill is great cardio, offering several different benefits, from cardiovascular endurance to raised metabolism, and improved mental health  Another benefit of using a treadmill as a cardio workout is that it doesn’t require much attention.

The other area, strength training, requires complete focus. However, the physical effects of doing some sort of high-intensity training are much more dramatic than cardio. From muscle gain to muscular endurance, strength training, like from a weight bench, offers large boosts in metabolism and muscular performance overall. Using a weight bench particularly is good because of its inexpensiveness and its versatility. There are numerous exercises that use a weight bench.

Inexpensive at-home gym equipment can indeed boost your spirits. Here’s to your health!

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