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Resolutions for 2021 That Will Help You Lose Weight

A number of people set goals to lose weight on January 1st. The gyms are packed with new members but by the middle of February, a large percentage have stopped going to the gym regularly. 2021 will add new challenges to getting into the best shape of your life. Gyms are closed throughout the country depending on the decision of state governments in response to COVID-19. Taking a proactive approach is a necessity as dropping weight can be more difficult for some than others. The following are resolutions that will help you achieve your goal of losing weight in 2021. 

Limit Your Fast Food Intake 

Fast food is a staple for a number of people that have busy schedules. Limiting fast food intake will help you lose weight especially if you eat it multiple times per week. Limiting this to once a month can be a great goal as primarily eating burgers isn’t going to generate the weight results that you want. If you get delivery food a few times a week, you need to pick healthier options. A number of restaurants available on are food delivery apps that before the pandemic would have never considered it. 

Drink More Water

Replacing drinks with more water in your diet can help you lose weight. Water doesn’t have calories and certain carbonated waters have a great flavor. Adding a few glasses of water to your diet will also yield benefits for your skin. People are often dehydrated without realizing it so commit to drinking a certain amount of water daily. You can fill up a large thermos before work and make sure that you drink this before the day ends. You would be surprised as you will feel far better when drinking an adequate amount of water. 

Do a Few Diet Challenges Per Year 

Starting the year out with the Whole 30 Challenge can be a perfect way to jumpstart your weight loss. Trying a few different challenges during the year can help you break through plateaus in terms of losing weight. Meeting with weight management services can allow you to set a diet that you can follow throughout the year. These challenges are just a great way to test your discipline and potentially try new foods/drinks. 

Follow a Strict Exercise Regimen 

You need to exercise regularly to lose the weight that you want to lose. You might find results with a diet but you maximize these results you have to exercise. You should set realistic goals for a week whether it is to do a few hours or cardio or lift weights. On days you do not go to the gym, go for a long walk, run, or even a swim. Finding a form of exercise that you enjoy like swimming or yoga can help the pounds melt away. Take the time to find what type of exercise you enjoy then do this daily if possible. 

Resolutions can help you lose weight if you put a concerted effort forward. 2021 can be the year where you turn heads due to making drastic changes to your body composition.

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