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Reasons to Use Naturopathy to Help with Fertility

Reproductive health and general issues surrounding fertility are increasingly talked about in Australia today. In their efforts to get pregnant, many couples are turning to alternative options including IVF, but not everyone wants to do things in the way that conventional medicine dictates. There are some who are making it their task to find an IVF naturopath in Melbourne, Sydney, or another major city that can help them in a more holistic fashion.

There are actually a number of good reasons to favor this approach: 

Reason 1: Safety

Naturopathy is all about using natural, non-toxic medicines and supplements that are designed to enhance the body’s own natural functions. When it comes to fertility and pregnancy, keeping things all-natural and not relying on any medicines or procedures that can come with adverse side effects is a good strategy. 

Regular medicines can prove very overpowering and over-stimulating to the ovaries. The result can be pain and even the need for the patient to go into hospital. Naturopathy has a gentler approach that is more in tune with the body’s rhythms.

Reason 2: Holistic Approach

Naturopathy works on a holistic and preventative approach to medicine. That means that as well as helping people to get pregnant, IVF naturopathy is also focused on wider health issues and tries to create a plan to improve overall health while achieving the same goal of helping people to get pregnant.

When engaging with IVF naturopathy, patients will get consultations and plans that look carefully at their lifestyle, diet, exercise regimen, and more to determine how and what to do to improve fertility and boost chances of the IVF working. This also includes what is known as the preconception stage, which includes helping both partners to improve the quality of eggs and sperm for a more successful result, for example.

The holistic approach also takes into account the environment in which these aspiring parents are living, its potential toxicity, and how it may hinder pregnancy. We don’t just mean their living accommodation, but the city they’re living in, the state of the air, the water, and the local food, etc. When people say holistic approaches are about treating the “whole patient,” it isn’t an exaggeration. It really looks at every aspect of their lives. 

Reason 3: Cost

Many people want to try IVF to try and get pregnant, but conventional methods are still expensive and many cannot afford to undertake it, or at least may only get one shot at treatment after which they’ve burned through all available funds. On the whole, naturopathy is a much more affordable alternative and can allow couples to keep working on their issue with a medical practitioner for an extended period of time.

Reason 4: Total Focus on Health, and Not Just Success

A more conventional view of IVF treatment is that if a pregnancy is secured, then the treatment works. There is often a casual disregard for any additional effects or downside that can come along as part of the treatment because they are just part and parcel of getting to the desired finish line. 

It’s not that naturopaths will accept failure and just move on. They want to achieve the same goal, too, but only through ways that are entirely focused on the longer-term health of the couple in question. The process is one that works with both parties in the couple, finding ways that both can improve their hormonal and reproductive health so as to better induce good and healthy results.

Reason 5: You’re Still Working with Medical Professionals

Be under no illusions, naturopath doctors are not “lesser” in their training. They’ve done premedical science, medical science, and additional courses in things like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and homeopathy. They also complete internships, pass board exams and carry licenses. These are serious professionals.

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