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How to Improve Your Recovery Time After Tough Workouts

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Exercising should be a way of life and something that you do regularly to stay in the best health possible. Athletes understand the importance of recovering from a practice or game to the best of their ability. Tough workouts are what make an athlete better but consistency is even more important. Consistency when working out allows you to make strides over the course of time. A sporadic training schedule isn’t likely to produce incredible results. The following are tips on how you can improve your recovery time after a tough workout.

Eat During Your Recovery Window

There is a 30-minute window of time where your muscles can recover through nourishment at a rate they otherwise would not. Chocolate milk is actually great for recovery for endurance athletes as it has a great protein to carbohydrates ratio. Finding out how you recover matters so tracking your intake after working out is important. You might find that you feel far better the day after taking a recovery shake and eating a carbohydrate-rich meal. Others might need a bit more in terms of sugars or fats depending on their diet and what their body needs. Sitting down with a nutritionist can help you figure out your recovery issues and how to expedite the process. 

Use A Foam Roller Daily 

The foam roller can be your best friend and your worst enemy simultaneously. If you haven’t used a foam roller, it will help you roll out all of those tight areas in your body. This is also called myofascial release and it helps promote blood flow which is very important in terms of recovery. Adding in a flexibility session during this can be immensely important. You don’t want certain muscles to tighten up immediately after you finish a workout. Take the time to research online the different techniques to use when you have invested in a quality foam roller. 

Hot And Cold Tubs

A hot tub can allow you to relax and heat certain areas that might be injured or sore. Getting a hot tub electrician is important if you are going to invest in a hard-wired hot tub. These require installation while other hot tubs just need to be plugged into a power source. Being able to relax in your hot tub after a long day at the gym can also help you recover mentally.

Cold tubs are not as enjoyable as most people have a hard time staying in them for an adequate amount of time. Professional athletes are frequently videotaped going into a cold tub and this is because it helps recovery immensely. There are some that switch from hot to cold tubs a few times to finish their recovery session. 

Recovery time is important for athletes and fitness fanatics of all levels. You want to be able to come back to perform better and better which will require you to focus on muscle recovery. Mental recovery is also important as it can be easy to burn yourself out when you are working hard daily without seeing tangible results.

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