Rogue Magazine Health Guidance On Becoming A Nurse Health Coach Within 7 Months

Guidance On Becoming A Nurse Health Coach Within 7 Months

The great thing about working in nursing is that it allows you to help other people and positively impact their lives. Registered nurses are very important to give the support required, however, many feel as though they want to do more. If you want to have a deeper impact, then the Nurse Coach Collective has a nurse coaching program that is quite transformative. This program will only take 7 months and will allow registered nurses to learn all the skills and knowledge that they need in order to become a nurse health coach. This will allow you to work closer with patients so that you can help them to change their lifestyles and work on their overall health. You will also be able to work with many additional healthcare providers in order to offer care that is well coordinated. The greatest benefit is that your patients will view you as their advocate and a highly trusted resource. 

Why should you consider becoming a nurse health coach?

This career isn’t only about assisting patients when it comes to their health but it also involves helping them to actually implement the necessary lifestyle changes. When you become a coach, you will have numerous options to choose from. 

1. Boost leadership

When you become a nurse health coach through the Nurse Coach Collective, you will be better able to lead your nursing  team and have a much better vision for them. This will be in line with your organization’s goals and you should make sure to let your team members know about it. Your relationship with all the other medical staff would be strengthened with a deeper emphasis on respect and trust. You will also be able to give much faster and better feedback to your team. Your feedback will also be higher quality and constructive which will help them to take better care of the patients and help them to work more efficiently. 

2. Lifestyle design

When you are a nurse, you are committed to your patients and their care. However, the traditional nursing model doesn’t typically allow you to give the amount of care that you would probably like to offer. So, if you are looking for a better approach, then you should consider switching to a nurse health coach. This will allow you to use all of your skills and personal passion for the care and well-being of your patients. 

When you’re a nurse health coach, you will be better able to assist your patients in their lifestyle design that is actually customized for them. You will be able to teach them about alternative healing, mindfulness, adapting a plant based diet etc. You will also be able to provide coaching that will assist your patients even further in making these changes and helping them to make it a permanent part of their lives for better health and happiness. 

3. Your own business

When you become a nurse coach, you can start your own business after you’ve completed the Nurse Coach Collective’s 7 month program. This industry is growing quite quickly and there is a huge demand for these type of professionals to assist people in lifestyle change. When you’re trained as a nurse coach, you will have the experience and knowledge to provide advice that is based on real evidence. Once you are ready to become your own boss, we can assist you in developing a successful practice. 

Our nurse health coach 7 month certificate program has numerous benefits and they are as follows:

– Create a community

– Offer lifestyle medicine

– Help your clients to heal using holistic methods

– Board certification

– Do work you’re passionate about

– Develop a higher degree of wellness within your own life

What is included within the 7 month program:

– 120 contact hours

– Online learning for 7 months with support

– Faculty that is extremely experienced

– Welcoming community

– Course manual

– Eligibility for dual board certification

The cost of this nurse health coach program is $4,999 once you pay completely when you enroll. Once you have enrolled, you will gain a lifelong access to the membership, be able to take part in the exclusive community and have everything you require to enjoy your new career as a nurse coach. 

The 7 month program has three parts:

1. Phase 1: You will start with online learning where you’ll learn about the different parts of nurse health coaching. This includes specifications on the role as well as the importance of accountability. 

2. Phase 2: You will continue to learn more and then start practicum which would be supervised. At this point you will put everything you’ve learned into practice and have real world experience of what you would experience as a nurse coach with your clients. 

3. Phase 3: You would join the alumni known as Transformative Nurse Coaches and celebrate. 

After you’ve completed the course and passed your AHNCC administered exam, you would be able to undergo the board certified exam in order to become a holistic nurse as well as a nurse coach. Do keep in mind that you will need to fulfill the AHNCC prerequisites first. 

Nurse health coaching is quite transformative and extremely empowering. It will enable you to share everything you know and your clinical experience with your team and clients. It will also help you to build strong relationships as well as learn new skills. It is possible to become a nurse health coach in 7 months through the Nurse Coach Collective. So, be sure to contact us so you can learn more.

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