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Forms Of Exercise You Should Consider And Recovery Tips

Starting your exercise journey might be a bit intimidating especially if you have taken a hiatus from working out. Lifting weights is not for everyone as some people might have back issues. Running is also something that can help you get into great shape but can be tough on the knees and hips. Low-impact forms of exercise can be viable even when you are much older. Trial and error will be a part of this process as yoga classes or swimming might not be for everyone. Consult your Mathews primary care doctor before making any drastic changes. The following are forms of exercise you should consider along with recovery tips for each. 


Swimming is going to exercise nearly all the muscles in your body. This can be a great way to exercise for people that have injuries as there is an aspect of weightlessness. Water aerobics are also quite popular with older people as it allows them to move around without risking injury. Recovery from swimming is all about your diet as you have a small recovery window to help reduce soreness. Working your way up in the pool as you don’t want a single workout to sideline you for a few days. Try interval training in the pool as it will hit your anaerobic energy levels due to holding your breath. 

Spin Classes

Spin classes are great for those that want to exercise with friends or need motivation from others. Spinning can be quite intense so make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into. There are bikes that have their own classes associated with them and can take you through workouts. Peloton is the most popular one as you can compete with friends from around the world and find a trainer you truly connect with. Stationary bikes can be great to invest in especially if you like to design your own workouts. There are plenty of “Power Hour” compilations online that can allow you to do quality interval training. Cold tubs can be a great way to ensure you reduce the soreness in your legs the next day. 


Yoga can help you calm your mind while exercising your body. Finding a yoga studio where you are comfortable can be important. Beginner classes are available at most studios even if you have not done yoga in the past. You can try a few yoga workouts that they have available on Youtube to get your going. There are classes that might have higher temperatures while others include puppies or baby goats. You will see immense benefits in your flexibility which can reduce pain throughout the body. Yoga can also be used as a recovery tool depending on the intensity of the class. Combining yoga and swimming can truly give your body a tough workout. With both of these being easy on the joints, doing this daily is possible without risking injury from overuse. 

Trying various forms of exercise can allow you to find something that you look forward to daily. Recovery is always going to be important when you perform any form of exercise.

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