Rogue Magazine Features Beauty Guide to Making it through Winter to Spring

Beauty Guide to Making it through Winter to Spring

We all know winter winds are harsh on skin, but you have probably noticed that your once shiny hair gets dried out, too. Instead of going for that job interview or holiday party with dull, fly-away strands, smooth them down with HSI’s Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron or Heated Glider Brush. They are a best-seller on Amazon because these tools heat up in about 2 minutes to 450º. The digital display on the Flat Iron makes it easy to see your desired temperature. This model comes with a quick start button to 450º, an on-off button and two buttons for manually adjusting the temperature for finer or damaged hair. The iron is great for getting super-straight strands, flipping or curling. We loved the HSI Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Glider Brush! This is perfect for getting smooth hair but maintaining some volume and shape. The heat emanates from the base and the teeth. When it glides through your hair, the heat and ions de-frizz and gently straighten on contact. My 13-yr old niece has curly hair down to her waist and she uses the Glider Brush to gently smooth and straighten without the intense heat and pull from the Flat Iron. Either way, add the HSI amazing Argan Oil before you start.


We’ve praised KareCo before for it’s cruelty-free brushes but they recently launched a contender for The Wet Brush ™. They call it the Tangle Buster Brush. The brush has a unique design based on a paddle brush but with perfectly spaced ionic bristles placed along, what I call, “fingers.” Basically, brushing your hair with this guy is like having someone’s hand with finger nails giving you a scalp massage- so awesome. The unique design of the Tangle Buster Brush allows for selective resistance on pulling out knots and tangles. It’s great for using on wet straight, curly or wavy hair. You won’t feel like you are ripping your hair out for 10minutes because using this brush is so easy and fast.

Luna Noel’s Earth Moods Perfumes for Winter Snuggles

I’m all about “Clean Living”, eating organic (as much as possible) and wearing & buying organic fabrics, and spending- without limit- on anti-aging skincare and makeup. If I am concerned about the ingredients in my body or face lotion, then shouldn’t I be concerned about what’s in my perfume? Sadly, perfume manufacturers are not required to list all ingredients and all the major brands use a combination of natural and synthetic substances which can cause allergies, headaches or hormonal changes. I love my Tom Ford scents but when I discovered Luna Noels’s non-toxic perfumes I jumped at the chance to try them myself.

Luna Noel’s new Earth Moods are centered around 4 elements- Desert, Woods, Clouds and Sea. They are made by a unique process of combining organic or wildcrafted essential oils, reverse-osmosis water, and crystals (yes that’s right) which are hand poured according to the lunar cycle and set with “positive intentions”. All my yogi, crystal-bearing girls should love this brand. On top of it all, Luna Noel claims each Earth Mood ingredient holds the frequency specific to their element- Fire, Air, Water and Earth. So being a cautious Cancer with Aries Rising (Fire) in my astrological birth chart, I decided to go with Desert. I tend to feel more fiery so I chose this sassy yet floral fragrance. Instantly it is easy to pick out the scents of neroli, orange, geranium (love), ylang ylang (another floral I love). The spiciness comes from a bit of ginger added in which is a great bonus before I run out the door to appointments. Next I tried Woods, which is warming, calm and inviting; all characteristics of Earth. Makes you think of cuddling up with your favorite person or animal by the fire or drinking hot cocoa on a cold winter night. The grounding sense of Woods comes from it’s base of vetiver (a type of grass with a woodsy scent), fir balsam (um, think Christmas tree), the holy herb hyssop, juniper berry ( as in your favorite gin cocktail), and natural vanilla. Being natural blends without synthetic ingredients to give them lasting power, you will have to re-apply about every 2hrs.

You can choose your Earth Mood according to element, zodiac sign, chakra, crystal or just what you like. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you can wear your Sun, Moon, Rising Sign or whichever Chakra you want all year long.

HenryCharles: Makeup Bags you Never Imagined

The Henry Charles Southwest Sunrise Collection (SWC) Brush Bag and Pencil Case.

I knew immediately that I had found something new & exciting – a true game changer for how we perceive “utility” cases. I felt like I had this big secret, but Henry Charles is a boutique LA-based brand that is getting noticed by a lot of people, including Nordstrom.

The colors, textures, designs, and shapes drew me in and I had to see every bag they offered. I couldn’t make up my mind so I purchased 5 of them! Henry Charles mixes fashion, quality craftsmanship and utility into these origami-like makeup/toiltry cases. They offer you basic rectangle with zipper enclosure but the most of them are fun & unexpected with folds and hidden pockets, yet they mainstain an intuitive feel.

As a pro makeup artist I love having my Large Deluxe Cosmetic bag in Blue Moon with me on set. I can fit everything I need for touch-ups and brushes. It’s diamond textured fabric and vegan leather trim make beautiful and eye-catching. The play between masculine and feminine, soft and firm textures makes these bags more androgenous than purely feminine.

The wide selection of sizes, shapes and colors makes these cases versatile for anyone needing a little extra organization in their purse, case or luggage. All bags are made locally, vegan and have water-resistant lining. Happy shopping!

Karuna Face Masks

I first started seeing posts on Instagram by the makeup community about sheetmask game-changer, Karuna. The promise of 38.8% more hydrated skin, and multiple customer ratings over 90% satisfaction were enough to suck me in. I love sheetmasks and have purchased a dozen different brands from the USA &Korea. Imagine my excitement when Karuna offered so send our Beauty team multiple face and eye masks to try!

We tested the Eye Renewal Masks and the Karma Kit (Age-Defying, Anti-Oxident, Exfoliating and Hydrating Masks). Every mask was soaked in its miracle-working potion, leaving leftover serum to use again if we wanted to. Some vegan ingredients include: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Chrysanthemum extract. The serums are not too liquid so that they run down your neck- a problem with some other brands.The fragrance is subtle and lovely without anything synthetic added. After using each mask, my skin looked brighter, tighter, and more hydrated. So basically everything as promised! These masks are essential for fighting Winter weather which can make your skin feel and look dehydrated and your complexion dull. It’s also one of my personal top beauty secrets while traveling. Here’s my tip:

Clean your face 1hr before landing using a makeup remover cloth, then apply a Karuna sheet mask and let others wonder in curiosity at your routine; leave on for specified period of time, then remove and massage in remaining serum; then add your favorite moisturizer or BB cream and other makeup to finalize the look. You will feel refreshed and look amazing.

Photography by:  Tatyana Zaprudskaya

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