Rogue Magazine Features How You Can Keep Your Mental Health In Check During COVID-19

How You Can Keep Your Mental Health In Check During COVID-19

Mental health has been highlighted by a number of publications around the world during lockdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There has been impacts on all ages with some children having their social development slowed due to lack of interaction with children their own age. Mental health is hard to assess when compared to physical health as it shows outwardly. People that are struggling with mental health try to force a happy attitude when they are struggling emotionally. The following are tips that will help you keep your mental health in check during this unprecedented time.

Get into a Routine

Routine is imperative as it can become easy to sleep late due to only having to hit certain production goals when working remotely. Getting into a routine where you get quality sleep and still get to work early is important. The last thing anyone wants is to be working on and off for the entire day then into the night. Getting work done a few hours early can allow you to exercise or even prepare a healthy meal for the family. The elimination of a commute can add hours to a person’s extra time weekly. Utilizing these hours in a constructive manner can allow you to be productive in both a personal and professional sense.

Physical Health is Related to Mental Health

The last thing that you want to do is come out of lockdown with weight that you have gained. You have extra time for exercise but you might need to get creative if gyms are closed in your area. Even if gyms are open you might not be willing to go due to lack of safety measures or being uncomfortable being in a public place. You should get into a routine as mentioned above whether it is doing yoga at home or going for a run around the neighborhood. If your mental health is struggling you should try to start exercising as you might find this helps restore the chemical balance in your body.

Improve Your Home a Little at a Time

Staying occupied might seem impossible and you could have watched all the series on Netflix that you can stomach. Improving your home a little bit at a time can be a perfect way to increase the value of your home and your daily quality of life simultaneously. Whether you want fiberglass shower refinishing or want to take the time to take on a new tile project in the bathroom, both of these will keep you busy. Make sure to utilize the help of professionals to do certain tasks as you do not want to do more damage than you do improving of the home.

Take an inventory of your mental health as your attitude might be positive but anxiety could be high. Try different things to decrease your overall stress as it could be high due to financial insecurity along with the ever-present threat of contracting a potentially deadly virus. Work on your mental health daily and you will see results over the course of time.

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