Rogue Magazine Features Brazilian Wax vs Laser Hair Removal: What’s the Difference

Brazilian Wax vs Laser Hair Removal: What’s the Difference

Laser hair removal bikini and Brazilian wax are some of the most common options for those interested in how best to remove hair in the bikini area. As one of the most sensitive parts on a woman’s body, thinking through which is best for you is an important question to ask.

While laser hair removal in the bikini area involves exposing pulses of light rays that will destroy the hair follicles, Brazilian wax entails removing hair with the use of a special wax, either hot or cold, that adheres to the hair and is then removed from the skin using a cloth strip. Let’s find out if there are any other important differences other than procedural differences.

The Key Elements of Each Procedure

Whether a Brazilian wax or laser hair removal in the bikini area, both methods are considered

temporary hair removal procedures that reduce hair rather than preventing its growth entirely.  While it is said that laser hair removal can last longer, neither is a permanent solution to the problem of bikini hair growth.

Another important issue to consider for choosing between the two is on the subject of potential skin irritation, allergic reactions, burns, and in-grown hair. Any of these issues can present considerable risk and challenges prior to and following the procedure.

On their own, both procedures also have their own distinct risks and challenges. For example, laser hair removal can result in potential skin discoloration and burn if the procedure is not handled by knowledgeable professionals.

A Brazilian wax procedure on the other hand can present a much higher risk of getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) because of cuts and potential bleeding. While both procedures might be painful, this not usually the case for laser, whereas Brazilian waxing can be extremely painful and as a result, sessions must be properly spaced apart.

How Effective Are These Hair Removal Methods?

While both methods are quite successful at temporarily removing unwanted bikini area hair, it is important to discuss any foreseeable concerns with your dermatologist before selecting the treatment that will suit you.

Both of these methods can leave the skin area smooth for weeks and definitely for much longer than traditional shaving does. In the case of laser hair removal, while the recommended number of sessions are six, this may not be enough in order to remove all of the hair.

In cases where it is difficult to remove all of the hair, or the area being treated is too delicate, clients may prefer to have a Brazilian wax instead as this process is a bit more effective. 

How Do These Methods Tackle Hair Follicles?

When examining both methods, they each tackle hair follicles in a different manner. Laser hair removal on the one hand attempts to destroy/burn the hair’s root right down to the follicle by using a pulsed light. The fact of the matter is that laser hair removal works best on clientele with light skin and dark hair. 

Waxing on the other hand is meant to pull hair out at the root by laying the wax and tearing it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.  One of the most important notes to remember before getting waxed is to let your hair grow about half an inch because if the hair is too short, the wax may not be able to adhere properly.  

Whether you have decided to go with waxing or using a laser hair removal handset, both are highly effective methods that render desirable results. Though before you choose one method over the other, be sure to do your research and determine which method is best for you.

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