Rogue Magazine Features 5 Appliance Hacks To Save You Money

5 Appliance Hacks To Save You Money

All of us want to save money, especially in the current climate. COVID-19 has made many of us reconsider our spending, whether our income has dropped due to job loss or reduced amounts of work, or whether we’ve just been shocked by how much we used to spend now that we’re staying at home more. One of the easiest ways to save money is to look at what you spend on your bills. There are hundreds of ways to lower your bills and spending, but here are five ways to save money using your own appliances. 

  1. Invest in a new fridge. How old is your fridge? If it’s more than a few years old, then it’s likely that isn’t the most efficient appliance. If you can afford to, invest in a new fridge. When you shop for your new fridge, check the energy rating, and look for one that will use less power. The savings on your bills will eventually offset the cost of the new fridge. You can also run your fridge in a more efficient way. Make it easy for your fridge to keep things cool by moving it a few inches out from the wall, so the vents have more space. Keep the door closed as much as possible. Let things like leftovers cool before you put them in the fridge so it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool down hot food. A full fridge is more efficient, so keep it well stocked.
  2. Cut down HVAC use. HVAC is expensive to run, thanks to the use of power. Cut down on how much you use it. Instead, stay warm in winter by making your house better able to trap in heat. Put on a jumper before turning on the heat. You can also help your home to stay cooler in the summer. Open windows, use sun shades, and other tricks before cranking up the AC. Changing the HVAC settings by just a few degrees can also make a big difference. Keep your HVAC system well-maintained to keep it working efficiently. Clean and replace the filters on a regular basis, and make sure there are no obstructions anywhere in the system. 
  3. Maintain your water heater. A poorly maintained water heater will run less efficiently and cost you more to run. It is also more likely to break down, costing you money in expensive repairs. A local water heater company, like The Water Heater Company in La Crescenta-Montrose, should be called to service your water heater at least once a year. They can advise you on how to use it efficiently, and how best to handle any potential repairs that may need doing. Make sure you are using the right size of water heater for your home, as the wrong size could be using more energy than you need to. 
  4. Make sure to turn off water and lights when not in use. Leaving lights on is a fast way to waste power and money. Turn lights off when you leave a room. Switch to energy-saving lightbulbs which use less energy and last a lot longer, so need to be replaced a lot less often. Be careful with your water use too. Turn off the water when you don’t need it. For example, don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes. To save even more water, don’t run the hose to water the garden. Instead, use a water butt to save rainwater, or save water from the dishes, and water the garden with this. This is called ‘gray water’ and is a great way to cut down on your water use. 
  5. Do less laundry. Running a washing machine uses a lot of energy, which can add to your household bills. As well as choosing the most energy-efficient appliance you can try to do laundry less often. Don’t run your washing machine unless you have a full load of laundry to do, as running it half empty is a waste of power and money. Once you’ve washed the laundry, don’t just automatically shove it into the dryer. Instead, if the weather is dry, hang laundry outside to dry. If you can’t do that, you can hang it inside whenever possible to save even more. 

The added bonus of all these appliance hacks is that they will not only help you to save money by lowering your bills but will also make your home much greener. By using less more and swapping to a more energy-efficient way of doing things, you’re being much kinder to the planet too. 

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