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The Benefits of the Compex Sport Elite 2.0 Electric Muscle Stimulator

The Compex Sport Elite 2.0 is a powerful and ergonomic EMS machine. This electric muscle stimulator offers numerous programs that are intended to improve fitness and athletic performance. It even includes a TENS mode for pain relief. Read on to learn more about the Sport Elite 2.0 EMS machine.

It Offers 10 Fitness Programs

The Compex Sport Elite 2.0 offers 10 fitness programs. You can use any combination of these programs to tailor your workout to your body and to your current fitness goals. The programs can also be used to help you recover after a workout.


The endurance program is designed to improve your aerobic performance. This will help with long-distance running, swimming, cycling, and other endurance sports. This program helps you build slow-twitch muscle fibers, which is what you need to perform for long periods of time.


If you want a comprehensive program that can improve both your endurance and your strength, the Sport Elite 2.0’s resistance program may be the right choice. This program builds both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers.


The strength program is designed to increase muscle power. It can be used in conjunction with heavy weightlifting for impressive gains. It’s also worth noting that reducing your weightlifting workload in favor of this strength program will reduce the strain on your muscles and tendons. This will decrease recovery time and lower the chances of injuries.

Explosive Strength

The explosive strength program is best for activities that require both speed and power in short bursts. For example, football players would see significant benefits from this program. With the explosive strength program, you do not have to risk fatigue or injury when warming up your muscles for short bursts of activity.

Pre-Warm Up

Oxygenating the muscles is vital when warming up for an activity. The pre-warm up program gets the blood flowing to your muscles, which oxygenates the tissues. This program does not actually contract your muscles.

Training Recovery

This program helps you recover from a workout. It relaxes the muscles and decreases stiffness and soreness. 

Competition Recovery

This program helps you recover from a demanding competition. It increases blood flow to your muscles and helps get rid of lactic acid build-up. This program is especially useful for preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Muscle Relaxation

If your muscles are tight and stiff, the muscle relaxation program is your best bet. The increased blood flow to your muscles ensures they are properly oxygenated, which will help them relax and heal.


This unique program is designed to be put into use just before a workout or competition. It will prepare your muscle fibers for strenuous activity. This can increase your athletic performance.

Pain Relief

The Sport Elite 2.0 offers a pain relief mode that can be used for post-activity soreness or for chronic pain. This mode blocks pain signals, providing relief from discomfort.

The Compex Sport Elite 2.0 Offers a TENS Mode

The Complex Sport Elite 2.0 is primarily designed to increase athletic performance, but it also offers a TENS mode for pain relief. This mode uses lower-strength electric impulses to block pain signals. Also, the TENS mode supports the release of endorphins, which can provide pain relief.

Learn More About the Compex Sport Elite 2.0

If you want to learn more about the Compex Sport Elite 2.0, you can contact the company through their website. They offer customer support both via phone and through email. Their website also has much more information about EMS and TENS treatment, as well as a wide selection of cutting edge EMS and TENS devices. 

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