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How Does Smoking Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Feel?

Imagine feeling relaxed, comfortable and at peace, while still having the energy to talk and interact with others in a meaningful way. Your thoughts feel calm and centered, your body slightly light and floaty, and you feel like being sociable and connecting with others. Troubles and cares seem to melt away in the Hawaiian Haze, and you are loving the chill, relaxed vibes.

That’s the most common and basic experience of smoking Hawaiian Haze CBD flower – you will be wonderfully relaxed while still remaining alert and feeling friendly. 

A Fine Sativa

You’ve probably heard a lot about cannabis these days, as more and more places in the U.S. (as well as many other countries) have made it legal for recreational and/or medicinal use. There are two main subspecies of cannabis: sativa and indica. While indica products have a reputation for inducing more sedative effects, such as those used to treat insomnia or other sleep disorders, sativas are often said to offer a boost of energy.

The real truth is somewhere in the middle. Many sativas are subtly energizing, but also bring feelings of deep relaxation as well, only without the sleepiness that usually accompanies such a calming strain. Hawaiian Haze is a sativa and it offers both of these benefits to the user. Many report a delightful cerebral type of high with this particular strain, one that is solidly balanced and enjoyable without the anxiety that some claim is par for the course with many sativa products.

With a slightly tropical, citrusy flavor profile, Hawaiian Haze is also a favorite among many who enjoy bright and flavorful buds. It is a mixture of both the Hawaiian and Haze cannabis strains, and tastes just as good as the feel-good experience it delivers.

Relaxed and Friendly

For many with social anxiety or other difficulties interacting with others, the sharp, sunny notes of Hawaiian Haze are a welcome and soothing balm. Most users report a general sense of well-being accompanied by a boost in talkativeness. This is a great strain to smoke before hanging out with new people or entering a social situation where you might not feel completely comfortable.

The effects of Hawaiian Haze are strong, but not overwhelming, and can be intensified if you choose to smoke more rather than less. With this being the case, you likely will not have any trouble forming clear and lucid thoughts, which will make it even easier to engage with those around you. Because this strain can be considered slightly energizing, it is not recommended to smoke before bed or when you feel like taking a nap – it is best consumed and enjoyed several hours before bedtime.


Hawaiian Haze is a smooth and tropical sativa that offers a pleasurable experience while increasing the urge to feel chatty and sociable. While it can be energizing, it also allows for subtle and enjoyable relaxation whether you are alone or in the company of others. It offers a smooth, fantastic smoke as well as a delicious flavor profile.

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