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7 Reasons Why You Need A Weekend Staycation

As the economy rebounds and people finally feel comfortable enough with their finances, many are opting for a staycation – a mini-vacation in which you “stay” in your own country. Of course, not all vacations need to be full of destinations and adventures; sometimes, staying closer to home is just what you need.

So rather than budgeting for an expensive trip abroad next week, try a staycation this weekend instead! Here are seven reasons staying at a hotel for a staycation this weekend is the best idea ever:

It’s Affordable and Convenient

Your flight and accommodations (or any other mode of transportation) will not be included in your staycation. There is no reason you need to spend money on them. You get to save a lot of money by staying at a local hotel- what you will get to spend most on is food and gas to drive to and from the movies. And since you’ll be staying in your neighborhood, you’ll also eliminate the risk of lost luggage and having to miss an important meeting or function because of flight delays or cancellations.

It’s A Great Way to Get in Touch With Nature

The next time you’re taking a walk in the park or sitting down for an outdoor picnic, pay attention to the surrounding nature. Study the trees and flowers, listen to the birds chirp, feel the grass under your feet. You’ll realize that there is a lot of beauty in the everyday things all around you. By having a weekend staycation, you’ll have more time to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

You’ll Get to Spend Plenty of Time with Your Loved Ones

It’s nice to stay in touch with friends and family on social media, but face-to-face interactions are exceptional. With a staycation, you can reconnect with the people who mean the most to you. It is the ideal time to take your mom to dinner at a pleasant restaurant, to play pool with your granny at the neighborhood pool hall, or to spend the afternoon with your sister catching up on old times.

Better yet, show them the ropes (and let them show you the ropes) in things like grocery shopping or calling for a cab or pizza delivery. You’ll also have time to talk about old times and tell each other stories about what you’ve been up to since you last saw each other.

Even If You Live in A Small Town, There’s Plenty to Do!

As far as mini-vacations go, staycations are the perfect opportunity to clone yourself so you can do it all. Instead of waiting for an upcoming vacation so you can see everything on your list, start your list now and knock things off when they’re convenient for you. You can easily use any online search engine to find fun local attractions perfect for your staycation.

Make Good Use of Hotel Gift Cards; They will Save You Money!

If you’re uncertain how much your staycation will cost, take the hassle out of price comparisons by purchasing a pre-paid hotel gift card. You can buy these cards in any amount and come with e-codes used online or at the front desk. The ease of use and flexibility make these cards worth investing in, especially if you’ll be staying at different hotels throughout your staycation.

Throw an Overnight Party!

Who wants to spend their mini-vacation cleaning up after people? Instead of renting out an enormous mansion or paying for someone else to clean up, consider throwing an overnight party at one of your favorite hotels. You’ll save money on food and drinks (and cleaning) while still getting to enjoy a fun “staycation” with your friends and family.

You Can Travel Locally!

Once you’re at your destination, it’s so much easier to ask someone nearby for answers. Many hotels have nearby attractions nearby, so stop in and ask the receptionist what nearby attractions you can enjoy on your staycation. They’ll give you great recommendations and let you know if any local events are going on that might interest you. Not only will you have a great time exploring your destination, but you’ll also learn a bit about the history of the city and the culture of your destination.

Staying at a local hotel for a weekend staycation is a great idea. It is probably the best idea you have all year. With a staycation, you get to reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. You get to spend time with your loved ones. You get to save money on flight and accommodation costs while still being able to do whatever you want. 

Whether it’s deciding where to go, planning out activities, finding fun, free things to do while you’re away, there are many great ways to have a fun and affordable staycation.

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