Rogue Magazine News Why You Should Consider Moving to Southern Europe

Why You Should Consider Moving to Southern Europe

Thinking of moving? It seems like a lot of us are. According to a survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, 31% of respondents say that they would relocate internationally. It’s partly a desire to stretch our wings, now that the constraints of the pandemic are starting to lift, and partly that both companies and their employees have come to realise that remote working is not as fraught with problems as they might have imagined. The only point in moving, of course, is in order to create a better life for you and your family and that’s why you should consider Southern Europe.

The Mediterranean climate

Sunshine makes a lot of difference. Does anyone really enjoy long, cold, dark winters? Sunshine makes you feel good. It enables you to spend more time out of doors. It means that you don’t spend a fortune on winter heating bills. The countries in Southern Europe have up to 300 days of sunshine a year and the further south that you go, the shorter and milder are the winters.

Low cost of living

Overall, Portugal has one of the lowest costs of living in Europe but living in any of the countries of Southern Europe is likely to save you money. For example, to maintain the same lifestyle that would cost you 4,500 euros in Austin, Texas, you would only need to spend 3,000 euros in Lisbon or 2,800 euros in Seville. Rent in Austin is 84% higher than Lisbon and 180% higher than Seville. It is also considerably cheaper to buy property in either of these cities than it is in Austin. To compare the cost living in places around the world visit the Numbeo website.

Potential E.U. residency or second passport

Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Italy all offer ‘Golden visa’ scheme, which enable foreign buyers, of property in excess of a certain value, to obtain residency rights, freedom of travel within the Schengen area, and ultimately, usually after about five years, a full passport, for themselves and their family. The cheapest of the schemes, and consequently one which is very popular, is that run by Greece, where the minimum required spend is just 250,000 euros.

Food and drink

Stepping into a market in Southern Europe for the first time is like slipping into a parallel universe where the fruit and vegetables are bigger, brighter, and more delicious. All of the countries in Southern Europe have their own, outstanding, distinctive, national cuisine, but they all share access to food which is fresh and of the finest quality. And then of course there are the wines. There are 310,000 wineries in Italy alone. For the wine lover, the old-world wines of Southern Europe are a delight that would take several lifetimes to exhaust.

Cultural heritage

Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece were all once at the heart of great trading empires and the legacy of art and architecture is outstanding. The volume of cultural treasures housed in the countries of Southern Europe is beyond belief.

Outstanding coastlines and beaches

Whether it’s the world class beaches of the Algarve or the breath-taking beauty of the Amalfi coastline, you’ll never be far from the stunning seaside in Southern Europe.

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