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The End of The Shecession

Research suggests that finally, after a long dry spell in the wake of the pandemic, women are returning to work. In March 2023, almost 80 million women were active in the U.S. workforce. This number has topped pre-pandemic levels in February 2020. Labor force participation has seen a significant uptick across all industries, and many women are feeling prepared to make their return to the office.

Despite many women feeling ready to once again take on the professional world, there are many significant barriers that they face in doing so. Caregiving responsibilities, ageism, childcare costs, and even a lack of confidence can get in the way of any woman pursuing her dreams. There are also a slew of expectations put on women that are very difficult to achieve. Women feel pressure to maintain conventional beauty standards while also living up to professional needs that they are expected to meet.

It is because of these difficulties that women are supporting their own and other’s returns to the office. Some are pursuing a hybrid role, some are engaging in professional counseling, and others are boosting their confidence through cosmetic work and makeovers. Women deserve to feel confident about their return to work, and more and more resources are now paving the way to an equitable future.

Why women are finally returning to the office
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