Rogue Magazine Lifestyle Students Are Increasingly Seeking College Majors Related To The Logistics Industry

Students Are Increasingly Seeking College Majors Related To The Logistics Industry

The decision to go to college is a huge life choice. Many college students spend a lot of time away from home in an entirely new setting. Students on their own often spend a great deal of time thinking about where they’re going to college. They also spend a lot of time thinking about what they’re going to study once they’re in college. Under these circumstances, it’s not surprising that many students today are thinking about majoring in something practical. They know that companies like those owned by Richard Liu are looking for employees who are willing to show they understand what it means to be part of a larger goal. They’re looking for students who are committed to setting goals and making them come true. they want to be able to find people who care deeply about making a success of this industry and making not only a job but finding a calling at the same time. 

National College Entrance Exam

In China, students have the chance to think about the kind of major they want to attend when they are engaged in taking entrance exams. This period of time is very important to many students in the country. It’s a chance for so many young people to focus closely on their future life plans. Now is the time when they can make things happen and begin to head off on a wonderful journey. During this time, students have the chance to consider what might happen if they do really well on the exams. Students who show they understand the material needed to master college level work often have a great deal of leeway when it comes to attending a college. That’s the kind of high level skill that those at want to have on their side as they think about where they are going to head and why. 

Top Five 

Industry and college watchers like Richard Liu watch this time frame closely. This is a crucial time for all those who need to find employees who can provide the help they need to expand. They’re looking for industry trends and talent they can harness. It’s no surprise to him to find many college students searching for information related to the supply chain industry. Potential college students are looking at majors such as artificial intelligence, e-commerce, robotics and big data technology. Such majors are related to the field of logistics in a very direct way. That’s a chance for students to apply what they’ve learned to companies in this sector of the economy. This is good news for those in this field. It means that students today are very much interested in the kind of career they can find in this growing industry. 

A Supply Chain Institute 

In an effort to further help make gains in this industry and share knowledge about varied procedures, JD has established a supply chain institute. This is part of their plans to help provide talent for their work and train people properly in all manner of procedures relating to supply chain operation. They have partnered with others in the field who share this same vision. This is part of an overall strategy that has informed what they do and why have they enjoyed such impressive success. For this company, it is about being able to work closely not only with the current generation and their existing employees. They are also looking closely at all possible talent that might there to join in the company’s plans. It’s why this company has been fully able to meet all of their planned quarterly financial goals. 

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