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7 Tips to Kickstart a Fitness Lifestyle

“I don’t have enough time to exercise,” or “I can’t afford those gym fees and superfood ingredients.” Either you’re still making these kinds of excuses that inhibit you from living a fit lifestyle, or you’ve thrown these excuses out the window and you’re ready to start your fitness journey. 

If it’s the latter, good for you — this guide is going to support you on your journey! And if you’re still making those excuses, then you’re about to read seven tips that are going to help you kickstart your fitness lifestyle. 

Stop talking about ‘one day’ and turn today into ‘day one’ with these awesome fitness tips. 

1. Set Your Fitness Journey Goals 

So you’ve decided to embark on a fitness journey and live a healthier lifestyle – good for you! The most important first step is to set clear-cut and realistic goals so that you know what you’re working towards. 

Setting ambiguous goals such as ‘be healthier’ or ‘get fitter’ makes it easy to stray from the path. It also makes it difficult to track progress. You want to create goals that you can feel good about achieving — goals that are realistic and attainable. 

These might be something like ‘run a marathon in one year’ or ‘bench x amount in 6 months’. Whatever you choose, think about your personal fitness journey and desires. What would make you happy to achieve? Start small and short-term to remain motivated. 

2. Find the Routine That Works for You 

Staying true to your fitness journey includes some important lifestyle tips. You need to think about how you can make sure that the routine that you define for yourself is sustainable. 

Don’t create some crazy, extreme fitness regime that may show quick results but that you can’t keep up with. You need to base your fitness journey around your current lifestyle. 

Choose exercise that you like to do. If you hate jogging, try something else.

If you don’t like working with dumbbells, try kettlebell moves. You don’t want to dread every day because of your exercise or eating plan. You want to create a fitness routine that you love, and that you look forward to. 

3. Change Up Your Diet 

Exercise without a diet change is pointless, and dieting without exercise is a waste of time. Living a fit lifestyle includes healthy eating and a clean diet. Some basic healthy eating tips are to avoid processed foods and refined sugar, get tons of protein and vitamins into your diet and drink plenty of water. 

As with creating your exercise regime, don’t go from eating an unhealthy diet to seriously restricting and limiting yourself. If you make it unenjoyable, chances are that it won’t be sustainable. 

Rather, start by slowly incorporating healthy eating habits into your diet. You can also try writing down everything you eat in a day to see how you have improved, where you can improve, and what your overall diet looks like. Knowledge is power. 

4. Supplement Your Diet 

If you’re trying to build muscle or lose a lot of weight, or even if you’re just exercising a lot, you should supplement your diet. Taking supplements helps you to get all of the micro and macronutrients that your body needs when exercising a lot. 

The most obvious one is protein. Protein is crucial for recovery and building muscle. However, it can be difficult to get all the protein you need from your diet — unless you’re prepared to eat 5 steaks a day. 

If you’re taking testosterone, you might want to consider PCT supplements to help balance your hormones out. If you’re interested in learning more, view here

5. Consistency is Key 

This is one of the most important fitness tips: be consistent. Rather than going on a crash diet for two weeks, or doing hours of exercise every day for one month and then stopping, choose consistency. 

This entire guide is designed to help you design a lifestyle that you can maintain. Exercising for 30 minutes three times a week for the rest of your life is much better than binge exercising for one week, not moving your body for three weeks, and repeating the cycle. 

You may become frustrated because progress feels slow, or because you want those abs now and that diet or this exercise program promises to give it to you. 

But the only thing that truly works is consistency. Consistently exercising and eating healthy. 

6. Track Your Progress

This is so important for so many reasons. First of all, tracking your progress keeps you motivated.

When you see that the changes you made to your life are working the way you want them to, this encourages you to keep going. That’s why it’s important to make the goals that are spoken about at the beginning of this post. 

Secondly, tracking progress helps you to recognize where you need to improve and if there are any changes you need to make to your exercise regime or your diet. 

There are multiple ways to track progress depending on what your goals are. You could keep a journal with weekly stats, or take progress photos, for example. 

7. Get Good Sleep

Restful sleep provides the foundation on which your fit life is built. When you have poor sleep you are more likely to fall victim to weight gain, mood swings, heart disease, and more. 

Focus on creating a good sleeping habit by going to sleep and waking up at the same, or similar, time every day. 

Are You Ready for Your Fitness Lifestyle to Begin?

It may seem daunting to make all the changes that you need to in order to create the perfect fitness lifestyle. But remember — start small! Consistency is better than extremism, and you want to create a fit life that you love and that you can maintain. 

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