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Why You Need To Get a Facial

Whether you’re not convinced they work, or you are just looking for a reason to go back for more, there are plenty of reasons why you need facials. Here are the most important benefits of this treatment. 

Reduce Stress

This is not just a claim that massage studios and skin clinics claim. Studies have actually been done to show that facials activate your sympathetic nervous system. That can uplift your mood and reduce your stress. 

Cleanse Your Skin

A good facial is going to cleanse your skin better than you could at home. It’s kind of like going to the dentist for cleanings, even when you brush your teeth twice a day. The person doing your facial can identify your skin type and take the proper steps to clean it. They will also open your pores with steam so they can clean deep inside your face. 

Prevent Aging

You’re not going to get any younger. This, combined with the fact that you only get one face, means you must take steps to prevent aging. Having a facial done regularly can boost the amount of collagen your skin produces and increase cell regeneration. That means your skin will stay looking young. 

Promote Blood Circulation

Lethargy has been a major impact on people’s lives lately. Fortunately, massages can improve blood circulation, which often is associated with sitting too long. The improved circulation coming from the massaging features in a facial brings more nutrients and oxygen to the cells in your face. Aside from making the skin healthier, it can make your face start to glow. 

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Your skin will lose its luster as you age. It’s part of the natural aging process. This is because pollution and modern lifestyles make it tough for it to recuperate. Fortunately, facials rejuvenate your skin. The person doing your facial will use the perfect technology, products, and methods necessary to help your skin’s texture. 

Detoxify Your Skin

You need to remove the waste which accumulates on your skin by washing it. When you skip this, you get breakouts. Regular skin detoxes can help get rid of this waste. That’s because the buildup of waste can get so deep that washes alone are not enough to remove them. However, the oils, extracts, salts, and creams used in facials get deep inside your pores to help your skin detoxify so it can stay fresh and radiant. 

Treat Acne and Marks

Squeezing your pimples leaves scars on your face. While these marks are hard to get rid of, facials can help. Generally, at least one product containing salicylic acid will be used to treat acne during your facial. These peels can reduce both present acne and scars. 

Eliminate Blackheads and Whiteheads

Extracting whiteheads and blackheads from your face is an important part of a facial. This type of acne clogs your pores and makes your skin dull and bumpy. The person doing your facial will use a special extraction tool to get rid of these without hurting your skin. Unfortunately, you can’t do this at home. So if you notice this type of acne, it’s time for a facial. 

Tighten Your Skin

As you get older, your body produces less collagen, making your skin lose its elasticity and start to sag. However, the creams, lotions, masks, face packs, and chemical peels used in a facial treatment are filled with extracts designed to stimulate collagen production, which can tighten your skin and reverse the effects of aging. 

Eliminate Dark Circles

Since your under-eye skin is much thinner than anywhere else, it requires special care. When you don’t give it the treatment it needs, you end up with crow’s feet, dark circles, and bags. Fortunately, the people doing facials know about treating this skin. They use creams with anti-aging properties that are specially formulated for sensitive under-eye skin.

Additionally, you may have cucumbers placed over your eyes to help soothe this skin. After all, cucumbers contain vitamin K, a crucial nutrient that can rehydrate your skin to reduce wrinkles and dark circles associated with tired skin. 

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to getting a facial. Plus, they are an hour of enjoyment and a good way to let your skin know that you care about it. So feel free to use any of these benefits as a reason to go out and get a facial. 

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